Jewelry boxes for women

You are a contemporary woman! You love jewels and may be wondering where to buy jewelry boxes that can accommodate your jewelry collection.

Indeed, you know that a necklace and a ring do not fit in the same compartment! That's the reason why our craftsmen created some jewelry boxes with drawers while others contain side doors.

We have an advice to give you if you don't have a precise idea of what you want!

We recommend you our collection of contemporary wooden jewelry box whose timeless refinement will never tire you!

Jewelry boxes for girls

You are looking for girls jewelry boxes that looks like you. Of course, you can find your happiness among our three previous collections.

Our small wooden jewelry boxes are especially suitable for girls with a small collection. They are very practical for traveling!

However, you can also choose one of our unfinished wooden jewelry boxes. Their natural wood allows you to customize them as you wish!

Express your creativity and enhance this personalized timber jewelry box.

Our Jewelry cases are equiped of accessories that will make all the difference

Mirror jewelry box

You will be able to enjoy on mirrors under the lid of some models.They will be very useful to you to contemplate the beauty of your ornament on your chest or your beautiful earrings highlighting your face. Small mirror jewelry box can be handy during a trip to stay pretty at all times.

Jewelry box with drawers

The drawers on our large jewelry boxes provide additional storage space and are easily accessible. Some also contain side doors to hang your necklaces, just like a small chest of drawers, your jewelry box will contain all your jewelry and fashion accessories.

Jewelry box with velvet

The fully velvet lined interior provides perfect protection for your jewelry collection. Its incomparable softness and finesse will make your little treasures shine even brighter. It protect your jewels and allow you to keep it longer.

Wooden Ring Box

Love is a feeling that is celebrated between two people. It's common to offer a ring to your girlfriend for special event such as wedding or engagement. It's an important act of your love life that we offer to accompany you.

Our wooden ring box collection contains many choices to accommodate one or more wedding rings. Very easily transportable, it allow you to make your declaration wherever you wish without losing or damaging your precious jewels.

Some of them have specific features such as light, velvet interior or raw aspect to be suitable for everyone.


Wooden Treasure Chest

Our Wooden Treasure Chest collection is suitable for women who want to store several small jewelry boxes as well as for children who love the pirate world. They are all handmade by craftsmen with passion for woodworking. Several sizes are available to fit your needs. You can opt for the practicality of the small wooden treasure chest, the classicism of medium wooden treasure chest or the huge capacity of large wooden treasure chest.

Also, you can choose the security with our wooden treasure chest with lock and key or the aestheticism with carved wooden treasure chest. You're bound to find what you're looking for among more than 50 choices of treasure wooden chest.