10 costume jewelry by Daniel Roseberry for Maison Schiaparelli

10 costume jewelry by Daniel Roseberry for Maison Schiaparelli

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For spring-summer 2021, Maison Schiaparelli highlight the jewel collection. The Artistic Director Daniel Roseberry create costume jewelry revisiting the surrealist style that has made the Maison so successful.

In this article you will find :

  • A summary of the creation of the Maison Schiaparelli
  • The vision of costume jewelry by Elsa Schiaparelli
  • Daniel Roseberry's reinterpretation of this vision
  • 10 jewels he created

You will notice that their new shape is more suitable for wooden treasure chest than jewelry box where you might have trouble storing it.

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Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli created Maison Schiaparelli

It’s in 1927 that the Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli create her Maison in Paris, making her a contemporary of Gabrielle Chanel. The two women each presented two visions of fashion in their own way: for Coco, sobriety and for Schiaparelli, extravagance.

An impetuous extravagance that can be seen in her shocking pink, the shade of pink that will make the brand shine internationally, but also in her artistic vision of fashion.

Elsa Schiaparelli is surrounded by many famous artists: Francis Picabia, Dali, Man Ray, Jean Cocteau, Giacometti, Meret Elisabeth Oppenheim... With them, she reinvents accessories and proposes a new vision of fashion! She is inspired by their avant-garde spirit to create timeless jewelry that is still remembered today.


The art of the surrealist jewel by Elsa Schiaparelli

Surrealism can be summed up by the desire of the artists of the movement to bring out a pure art, which emerges from the unconscious, as Freud would have said. At Maison Schiaparelli, the seriousness of art meets the facetiousness of fashion, particularly in its conception of jewelry.

The first designer to create figurative buttons, she is also the one who brought costume jewelry to the rank of art. Made from non-precious materials, they are the mirror of Schiaparelli's imagination. Flowers, fruits, insects, medicine cabinet, astrology, African folklore... For her, the value of the jewel lies in its visual impact.

She declares "we need fantasy in complicated times". Her vision met with great success, which she recounts in Shocking Life, her autobiography: "Our unusual jewelry, enamelled ivy necklaces, sold like hotcakes, just like the first Plexiglas bracelets and earrings. They were designed by men of extraordinary talent".


The art of costume jewelry by Daniel Roseberry

Daniel Roseberry has been the artistic director of the House of Schiaparelli since April 2019. He renews with talent the vision instilled by Elsa in his time.

Upon his arrival at the house, the designer explained in a press release: "How to dress for the end of the world? Schiaparelli answered these questions with candor and humor, but perhaps one of his greatest legacies is his commitment to fantasy, his understanding that we need fantasy in complicated moments. I want to offer my own answers to these questions and propose a fantasy - a dream - that I believe is relevant and necessary for today".

For spring-summer 2021, the Texas designer who made his debut at the exuberant Thom Browne has developed a new jewelry collection that takes the grammar developed by the founder and enriches it. Astrological necklaces with the signs of the Zodiac, small tooth-shaped earrings, nose necklace, charm bracelet, padlock necklace, … Schiaparelli's universe is whimsical, audacious, precious and invites us to dream. A challenge in these troubled times.

10 best costume jewelry by Daniel Roseberry for Maison Schiaparelli

1 | Golden jewelry glasses with sun shape and crazy earrings

2 | Golden earrings linked with black dress

3 | Golden nail jewelry and large earrings

3 | Golden face jewelry and nose earrings

4 | Crazy golden earrings and arm jewelry

5 | Crazy golden glasses jewelry and nail jewelry

6 | Blue eyes earrings

7 | Golden mask jewelry

8 | Large golden round jewelry

9 | Etnic glasses in black and yellow color

10 | Ultra large golden earrings


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