10 jewelry boxes Luxury brands

10 jewelry boxes Luxury brands

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The jewelry’s world embodies refinement and sumptuousness. It marries the world of luxury and appearance. There is nothing like a quality jewelry box to preserve jewelry collections that are worth small fortunes.

In this article, we have gathered 10 Luxury jewelry boxes whose originality is equaled only by the price. We wish you a pleasant reading!


1 | Large jewelry box by Maison Maison Louis Vuitton

Realised in Monogram canvas, this beautiful Jewelry Box is a refined travel accessory. It has a simple handle to facilitate its displacement. It is closed by a S Lock reinforced with two latches.

The dimensions of this big jewelry box are 13.39 x 10.24 x 3.94 in / 34 x 26 x 10 cm. It has 13 compartments of different sizes on a removable tray that allows you to store the jewelry by category. This represents a large storage capacity to protect its small treasures from the wear and tear of time.

The interior is made of high quality and valuable leather so that the jewelry does not get damaged. The exterior features the iconic visual identity of the Louis Vuitton trunk maker's brand. Gold-colored metal parts enhance the look of the trunk to create an exceptional luxury jewelry box.

It is available on the Louis Vuitton website at a price of USD 8,667.50 (€7,200).


2 | Lacquered jewelry box by Wooden Jewelry Box

All products offered by Wooden Jewelry Box are partially made of wood. The lacquered jewelry box is no exception. However, other materials sublimate the wood used in its natural state.

The inside surface of the asian wooden jewelry box is covered by Mother-of-Pearl. It is invisible when the box is closed. It reveals itself when opened, multiplying tenfold the brilliance of your jewelry collection. The result is sublime and will make you feel like you have a real treasure in your home!

The outside of this box has been meticulously worked by a craftsman specialized in woodworking. The birds overhang a bright red lacquered wood that reminds us of the richness of the Asian culture.

It is available on the Wooden Jewelry Box website for 1380 USD (1145,53€).


3 | Pink jewelry box by Maison Prada

Between girly pink and dark black, this original jewelry box does not go unnoticed. It is made of saffiano fushia calf leather stitched with black leather. It closes with a double slider latch, in gilded brass with the logo. The interior is lined with black monogrammed canvas and a mirror. This jewelry case is entirely made in Italy.

It is designed by Prada to store a contemporary woman's jewelry collection. This jewelry box with mirror can also be used to store some makeup accessories such as a lipstick or even a perfume. It is a box that will accompany the essentials of a woman who takes care of herself in the 21st century.

This modern jewelry box has the following dimensions: 8.27 x 3.94 x 2.76 in / 21 x 10 x 7 cm. Neither too big nor too small, it is big enough to hold different categories of jewelry and accessories for women's beauty.

Unfortunately, this model is no longer available for sale.

4 | Large Wooden Jewelry Box by Wooden Jewelry Box

The Asian culture’s richness is at the origin of the manufacture of this large wooden jewelry box. Its exterior decoration is composed of Mother-of-Pearl delicately added by hand by a craftsman specialized in woodworking.

It has several drawers of different sizes to store a large collection of jewelry of all kinds. Its large storage capacity and unique aesthetics are its two main assets. Choose carefully where you want to place it because it will not go unnoticed in your decoration!

It is a jewelry box made of a resistant wood that will allow you to keep it for many years. It is available at the price of 2160 USD (1782,66€).

5 | Travel jewelry box by Maison Tiffany and Co

Maison Tiffany and Co is a mythical company in the jewelry sector. Its co-founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany, was, in his time, nicknamed "The King of the Diamond". The company's slogan, "Diamonds by the Yard", reveals that his imprint is still present in the development of the brand in 2021.

The proposed jewelry box is a collaboration with Globe-Trotter. We find the DNA of this brand through the presence of a handful and the padded corners, two very functional aspects for travel. Its dimensions are 6.70 x 9.37 x 8.70 in / 17 x 23.8 x 22.1 cm making it easy to store in a suitcase for example.

This luxury jewelry box has a vulcanized and personalized Tiffany Blue fiberboard with leather trim. This same material composes the removable jewelry compartments just like the chamois leather. The interior is lined in canvas. The customer has the possibility to create a customized jewelry box using a custom hand painting technique (only available in North America).

The price of the product depends on the choice of customization.

6 | Small Ring Box by Maison Mouawad

This small luxury jewelry box is created by the Maison Mouawad. It is a unique piece which is the fruit of the know-how of the family jewelry business. This small blue storage box has a drawer. It is designed to store a ring or a bracelet.

It’ss decorated with flowers in accordance with the Maison Mouawad DNA. Did you know that this is the most expensive jewelry box in the world today? Click here to discover its price and its mysteries in the article dedicated to it!

7 | Mirror Jewelry Box by Wooden Jewelry Box

A mirror is now indispensable for modern women. It allows them to put makeup on and check if their earrings look good on them! This Bombay wooden jewelry box has a mirror and two drawers.

A lock and a key are also available to allow you to securely close this organizer.This way, your precious jewelry collection is safe when you're not there.

It is offered at a price of 521 USD (429€). It is an investment not to lose your jewelry that has a high financial and sentimental value in your eyes! Its contemporary look is very easy to integrate into your interior. It will add a touch of refinement that you can't live without.

8 | Luxury jewelry chest by Maison Moynat for Maison Chaumet

After 165 years of experience, it is easy to say that Maison Moynat is the most historic French trunk-maker in our heritage. This is why Chaumet called upon his services to design a jewelry chest worthy of his new necklace.

After more than five hundred hours of meticulous goldsmith work, the chest is finally ready to be displayed in the sumptuous window of 12 Place Vendôme. The master techniques used for this creation include the moulding of glass and wood panels.

This unusual jewelry box has three sides whose elegant curves, unique to Moynat, serve as a signature. This unique creation is made of apple and poplar wood, and covered with tanned vegetable leather, whose color matches the shades dear to Chaumet.

Every finish, every detail is the fruit of the Maison Moynat’s know-how. The seams, wrists, and locks are skillfully studied to fit the shape and aesthetics of the object.

This sumptuous container is opened by sliding the two upper parts, each sliding on one side of the support. Once opened, the trunk reveals a curved glass display case which then lights up to reveal the necklace, delicately placed on a mannequin's neck.

The jewel itself is inspired by a Chaumet creation dated 1919. It features 156 brilliant-cut diamonds of 30 carats and 70 pear-cut diamonds of a total of 60 carats. It was composed in the Chaumet workshop in Place Vendôme.

This unique item is priceless.

9 | Antique Wooden Jewelry Box by Wooden Jewelry Box

This antique jewelry box is made of lacquered wood. Its outside surface is covered with a drawing of two birds on a branch. It has a vintage look that could suggest that it was found in a grandmother's attic.

However, it is a high-quality jewelry box. Moreover, it has two layers that allow it to hold a lot of different jewelry. Earrings, rings, and bracelets will be delighted to rest on a soft velvet support. It is available for 312 USD (257,36€).

10 | Vintage leather jewelry box By Maison Gucci

Maison Gucci is an internationally renowned fashion house. We found this vintage leather jewelry box made of crocodile leather. It is a rare small leather goods that is no longer available on the market today.

It has a handle that makes it very easily transportable if you go away for the weekend for example. Its shape, like that of a suitcase, suggests that it was designed for this purpose. 

You will note that its many compartments allow you to distinguish your gold jewelry from silver. This is a very important element to ensure that the latter last last as long as possible!

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