10 jewels collection for Saint Valentin by Maison Gucci

10 jewels collection for Saint Valentin by Maison Gucci

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A marketing event for some, a source of anxiety for others; no one is indifferent to Valentine's Day. In couple, or solo, the jewel remains a sure value.

Every February, it's the same puzzle. So this year, instead of playing the card of originality by buying a useless gift to your partner for Valentine's Day, we bet on beautiful jewel collection, which we choose according to Maison Gucci proposal.

For singles, don't forget that Valentine's Day is above all a celebration of love: who said that we can't celebrate a little?

Jewelry for women with a child's soul

GG with strawberry

The GG with strawberry collection consists of a pair of earrings at $267 (220€), a bracelet at $424 (350€) and a necklace at $534 (440€). All the jewelry in the collection includes a strawberry.

They are suitable for women who love nature, sunshine and lively colors. These jewels are also suitable for women nostalgic for childhood and its innocent jewelry. 

GG with banana

The GG with banana collection contains a bracelet at $424 (350€), a necklace at $534 (440€) and a pair of earrings at $267 (220€). Following the same idea as the previous collection, the jewels of this collection are all made of a banana. They can also be completed to compose a jewelry collection around the fruits.

Also, banana peels symbolize bad luck or clumsiness. You can offer it to your wife to gently mock her lack of skill. It will be your little secret!

Daisy Duck

The Daisy Duck collection consists of a ring at $340 (280€), a pair of earrings at $655 (540€), a brooch at $315 (260€) and a necklace at $594 (490€). This collaboration brings together the worlds of Gucci and Disney around the cult character of Daisy Duck.

This collection is ideal for the many fans of the world's leading entertainment company. It can be worn with a sober or white outfit that will bring out these little treasures. By choosing this collection, you bet on originality and candor!

Jewelry for sensual women

Mail heart GG collection

The Mail heart GG collection consists of a $303 (250€) ring, $267 (220€) earrings, a $352 (290€) bracelet and a $424 (350€) necklace, all with a heart, the most representative symbol of love.

It is available in red or light blue according to your preferences. The frame is made of simple silver. You can choose to buy one or more jewels to sublimate a sober outfit. The bright colors of these jewels will bring joy and good mood to your daily life!

Flower and double G

The collection consists of a ring at $388 (320€), ear studs at $315 (260€) and a necklace at $642 (530€). It features the Gucci logo and flowers in a Cyan color center.

It is an elegant jewelry set that is very pleasant to wear in summer to complement a dress or a light skirt. They match pale colors for a relaxed outfit.

Logo Gucci Signature

The collection consists of a ring at $218 (180€), earrings at $182 (150€), a bracelet at $194 (160€) and a necklace at $218 (180€). It is completely imbued with the identity of the house of Gucci.

These jewels remain very sober. They are ideal for discreet women who want to look beautiful without being noticed.

Jewelry for rebellious women

Gucci Garden

The Gucci Garden collection contains two sets of rings and bracelets. The first is priced at $364 ($300) and $715 ($590) respectively, while the second is priced at $352 ($290) and $788 ($650).

These sets are inspired by the Rock'N'Roll universe at the border of the gothic. It corresponds to women free of all limits who wish to impose their overflowing personality. You will not fail to surprise your entourage with these extraordinary jewels.



The GucciGhost collection contains 3 rings between $243 (200€) and $315 (260€) and a necklace at $315 (260€). It is composed of skull and ghost for a quirky and offbeat style.

It fits women who like original jewelry to complement an overly wise outfit.


Letter « A »

The Letter "A" collection is composed of a ring at 390€ and a necklace at 390€. It is declined in a large part of the letters of the alphabet. It is part of a Rock'N'Roll style suitable for rebellious women who wish to express their anti-system personality.

They are original jewels entirely made of silver that their monochromy makes them easy to wear in any circumstance. You can choose to match several rings to form a word on your different phalanges.

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