15 carat diamond : cost, inspiration & tips to wear it

15 carat diamond : cost, inspiration & tips to wear it

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The diamond was born more than 3 billion years ago deep in the bowels of the earth. It is hard, beautiful and rare. How to define their value? How much does a 15-carat diamond cost? How much did the most expensive 15-carat diamond sell for? Here is a complete guide to everything about 15-carat diamonds.

How much does a diamond cost ?

Calculating diamond prices is relatively simple to determine for the most common diamonds. Here are some approximate price ranges:

  • 5 carat diamond is priced at 1752 USD.
  • carat diamond is worth between 5258 and 7011 Euros
  • 0 carat diamond is worth between 21033 and 24539 euros.

But how much does a 15-carat diamond cost? It is more complicated to determine because its value depends on several factors that will influence its quality. Have you ever heard of the 4C's? We explain in detail in the following.

How to evaluate the quality and price of a diamond?

The 4 criteria for a good choice of diamond

Whether it is for a piece of jewelry or an investment, choosing "your" diamond is not easy. It is indeed a question of piercing the secrets of a stone that plays with light. Professionals have defined universal criteria to evaluate each diamond. In English, they are called the "4Cs":

- Cut,

- Carat (weight)

- Color (color)

- Clarity (purity)

The quality of the cut, the weight, the color, and even those tiny impurities - all different - found in some stones, make each diamond unique. Just as unique as the person wearing it.

In the center: Optimal size of a diamond 

The quality of the cut sublimates the stone

An important criterion to take into account is the quality of the cut. It is the craftsman's hand that reveals the hidden beauty of the rough stone. It is a question of making play the optical effects specific to the diamond to obtain a subtle balance between :

- Brilliance, reflection of white light,

- Fire, decomposition of white light into colored light,

- Sparkling, when the diamond is in motion.

A good cut makes it possible to establish the right proportions between the diameter, the thickness, the table - the upper part of the diamond - and the body - the lower part - so that the light is reflected from one facet to another and diffuses through the table. A cut that is too flat causes light to leak from below, making the stone dull; a cut that is too deep causes light to leak from the sides, diminishing the brilliance of the stone.

The GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) has determined a cut classification for round diamonds that ranges from "Excellent" to "Fair". It should be noted that only "brilliant" cut diamonds are able to obtain an "ideal" cut.

Today, the round shape in "brilliant" cut - which generally has 58 facets - is the most sought-after. But the buyer also has the choice between a multitude of other diamond shapes (fancy cut):

Top, Left: Diamond, Heart cut, Right: Diamond, Emerald cut, Bottom, Left: Diamond, Radiant cut, Right: Diamond, Oval cut 

The weight of this gem determines its size

The weight of the diamond is also an important element that determines its size, therefore its diameter, therefore its value.

The weight is measured in carats (not to be confused with the carat which reflects the purity of precious metals). Here, one carat is equivalent to 0.2 g and is divided into 100 "points". The term comes from the seed of the carob tree, which, with a constant weight of 0.2 g, was used by merchants in antiquity.

While the weight factor plays an important role in the price of a diamond, the price is not directly proportional to the weight: a 1.5 carat diamond, for example, will be worth much more than the sum of three 0.5 carat diamonds. With a large stone, one pays the price of rarity. It is also important to know that a rough diamond loses a large part of its weight once cut.

Not all diamonds are colourless

The appearance of a diamond also depends on its color. Because not all diamonds are completely colorless. Diamonds with yellowish tones are also very common. The more colorless the stone is, the more valuable it is because the white light that penetrates it then breaks down completely into all the colors of the rainbow. This is why diamonds are graded on an international grading scale ranging from D (perfect transparency) to Z (very pronounced yellowish color).

There are also frank colored diamonds, called "Fancy Colours". They have their own grading standards. Much rarer, they can sometimes be of greater value than white diamonds. 

Absolute purity is very rare

The fourth criterion to be taken into account is the degree of purity of the diamond. The closer a diamond is to perfect purity, the more valuable it will be.

But diamonds of absolute purity, i.e. without any inclusions, are extremely rare. Minerals, cracks or growths often appear at the time of their formation. The regularity, size, nature and position of these tiny natural impurities - often invisible to the naked eye - are taken into account and evaluated on a scale ranging from IF for "Internally Flawless" to P3.

Cut diamonds are considered "pure" when no inclusions are visible under a ten-fold magnifying glass. Diamonds with inclusions visible to the naked eye are graded from P1 to P3.

What’s the best quality diamond?

As you can see, it is very difficult to evaluate the price of a diamond yourself because many factors come into play. It is advisable to go through an expert. However, you can remember that the presence of one of these 4 criteria on your diamond has a strong chance of significantly increasing its value:

- Cut : “Excellent” range for round diamond or rare shape.

- Carat : Large weight.

- Color : “D” range for colorless diamond or frank colored diamond.

- Purity : no inclusions.

What about the 15-carat diamonds

What does 15 carats mean for a diamond?

As presented earlier, carats represent the size of diamonds. A 15-carat diamond therefore represents 3 grams (ratio of 0.2).

How much would a 15-carat diamond cost ?

Depending on the three other criteria that are the weight, the color and the clarity, the price of a 15-carat diamond would vary between 300.000 USD and 30 million USD. If you own a 15-carat diamond, we suggest that you visit a professional jeweler to make a more accurate estimate.

What is the most expensive 15-carat diamond ever sold?

On May 23, 2021, the 15.81-carat "Sakura" diamond was sold at Christie's Magnificent Jewels auction in Hong Kong. Its selling price was $29.3 million. It's the largest purple-pink flawless diamond ever sold at auction. Christie's confirmed that this was a world record price for the sale of a diamond of this type. 

sakura pink diamond sold by christies for 29 millions usd in hong kong in 2021

Who wears diamonds with so many carats? 

Agnes Sorel in France and Elizabeth I in England paved the way for the desacralization of diamonds, it was to make them a sign of wealth and power. The biggest ones will now be set in the most beautiful jewels of the European monarchies.

Closer to home, alongside queens and princesses, Hollywood stars and the wives of industry magnates displayed a strong taste for jewelry and gemstones. Gloria Swanson, Liz Taylor, Marlene Dietrich ... have they not been called "Diamond Crunchers"? These personalities helped to popularize this exceptional stone and make it desirable all over the world.

Moreover, the famous jeweler Tiffany & Co. has specialized in this gem. Its co-founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany, has the glorious nickname of "Diamond’s King". He bought the famous 128-carat yellow diamond. Four women have worn this jewelry in the heart of the last century:

  • The jeweler's wife in Death on the Nile, in 1879.
  • Audrey Hepburn in the film Diamonds on a couch in 1961.
  • Lady Gaga at the 91st Academy Awards in 2019.
  • Beyoncé in the "About Love" campaign in 2021.

Jeweler's wife, Audrey Hepburn, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé wearing the famous yellow diamond by Tiffany and Co

However, wearing a diamond is no longer reserved for celebrities. Many women decide to buy jewelry with diamond. Some are offered on the occasion of a wedding or an anniversary. 

Our tips for 15 (and more) carat diamond rings

When to wear a diamond ring?

Exceptional rings should be worn on special occasions. Galas, business lunches or exceptional events are perfect moments to showcase your jewelry collection.

Where wearing a diamond ring?

In a star restaurant or hotel, you can afford to wear diamond jewelry. All eyes will be on you ...

How wearing a diamond ring?

Diamonds are rare jewels that go well with refined and elegant outfits. You can dare to wear a ring with a colorful evening dress or opt for a sober black and white outfit.

How taking care of diamond ring?

Whatever your choice, it is essential to take care of your diamond. The ideal is to store it in modern ring box that will protect it from the wear and tear of time. It allows to keep all its brilliance. We advise our customers to store this type of rare jewelry in individual jewelry boxes. It is preferable to keep them separate from the rest of your collection organized in your main jewelry box.

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