Can you bring your own earrings to piercing?

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If you ask if you can bring your own earrings to the piercing, you should know that the answer varies depending on 2 main factors: which ears piercing you choose and where you get your ears pierced. Indeed, jewelry chain store and piercing studio works in two different ways. Earlobe piercing and cartilage piercing do not need same medical grade.

Which piercer location is best? What are the differences between the different types of ear piercings? How to wear your earrings as soon as possible after the piercing? We will answer all your questions so that ear piercing has no more secrets for you!

The place influence to bring your own earrings to piercing

Can you bring your own earrings to piercing studio?

If you choose to have your ears pierced in a reputable piercing studio, you can bring your own earrings. However, your jewelry must respect 3 conditions :

Condition #1 : The composition

The earrings must have a mirror finish and meet the minimum standard APP materials:

  • Titanium or platinium.
  • At least 14k gold (nickel and cadmium free).
  • Nickel free.
  • Nobium.
  • PTFE, Tygon, or other medically accepted plastic polymers.

Good composition exemple : gold earrings that you could bring to piercing studio for ears piercing

Condition #2 : The structure

The earrings should be neither too heavy nor too dangling. This criterion is not quantified and depends on the judgment of each person. However, it is very important to remain reasonable thinking about the traction that will be exerted on the ear hole so that it heals well. Traditional little hoop earring are choices to be favored for starter earrings.

Good structure exemple : round hoop earring that you could bring to piercing studio for ears piercing

Condition #3 : The hygienic standards

Earrings must be sterilized and processed in advance. If you choose to bring your own, they must be provided to the professional piercer at least 24 hours in advance. This is the minimum time necessary for them to perform these essential medical grade actions.

Is it the same processus in chain store? Can you bring your own earrings to get pierced?

Can you bring your own earrings to chain store?

If you choose to have your ears pierced in chain store, you can’t bring your own earrings. The professional piercer will use ear piercing gun and healing earrings. It automatically includes the price of the healing earring in the piercing procedure.

Of course, this means that the concerned earring meets the conditions of composition, structure and hygiene standards previously mentioned. Also, the latter can still be chosen from the company's product range. Therefore, you will not be able to bring your own earrings if you pierce ears at Claire's or Pagoda. Don’t worry, piercings at Claire’s as especially cheep. The problem is not the price but the fact that you will have a reduced choice regarding your starting earring. Same for piercing Pagoda and piercing shops more generally.

claire's is a good exemple of chain store for ears piercing

What’s difference between piercing studio and jewelry chain store for ears piercing?

The studio piercing uses a needle to pierce the ears whereas the chain store uses ear piercing gun. This difference of piercing method could explain why the first one allowed to bring your own earrings to pierced while the second one not. But the main reason lies in the different business model.

Chain stores generate most of their profits from the sale of earrings and jewelry lines. They use ear piercing services to attract consumers and then sell them their jewelry collection. Their area of expertise are mainly jewelry designer talent and marketing department strategy.

Conversely, the piercing studios generate most of their profits through their expertise in body piercing. A great part of these studios also carries out piercings on other parts of the body and tattoos. The jewels do not constitute their core business but a complementary source of income.

Which piercing place to privilege for its ears piercing?

Chain stores and studio piercers are both professional places where you can have your ears pierced in compliance with hygienic standards. However, without advising you against chain stores, we recommend studio piercers, which have greater expertise in the field.

However, even at a studio piercer, you will not be able to bring your own earrings for all types of ear piercing. Some require you to use the healing earrings provided by the piercing professional. We'll tell you more in the rest of the article :)

The ears piercing type influence to bring your own earrings to piercing

Reminder of the different types of ears piercing

The ear is composed of a great possibility of different piercings. Different type of earrings are available nowadays. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, their points of differentiation are the pain at the piercing and the healing time. These two aspects are greatly influenced by the structure of the ear at the place of the piercing: cartilage or skin!

In the diagram below, the purple area represents the different parts of the lobe which is the only unique skin area of the ear. This is the reason why it has the fastest healing time (2 to 4 months)

The blue and green areas represent the different parts of the ear that contain mainly cartilage. Depending on its thickness, the healing time varies between 6 and 12 months. These are the tragus, antitragus, daith, rook, tash rook, helix, forward helix, conch and contraconch.

The red area represents the low helix which corresponds to a transition zone between single skin part (the lobe) and cartilage part (the helix). Its healing period is shorter than the thick cartilage areas and longer than the single skin areas. It is estimated between 4 to 6 months.

Reminder of all the different types of ears piercing and hole possibile including healing period difference

Can you bring your own earrings for lobe piercing ?

Of all the ear piercings, the lobe is the most common. People of all ages get their ears pierced every day. Upper lobe, transverse lobe and earlobe piercing is relatively painless because it is done on a fleshy part of the skin.

You can bring your earrings for lobe piercing which remain the easiest to respect. However, you must respect the safe and hygienic conditions that we mentioned previously.

Can you bring your own earrings for lobe piercing ?

Can you bring your own earrings for cartilage piercing ?

All other types of piercing ears that require cartilage pierced must use healing earrings provided by professional piercing places. Indeed, cartilage piercing require additional expertise that cannot be left in the hands of jewelry lovers. These rules have been established for the benefit of customers to avoid pain, infections and any other discomforts related to piercing your ears. Low helix piercing are no exception to the rule.

Disclaimer: Although strongly discouraged, you will find professional piercers who will allow you to use your own jewelry for cartilage piercing. However, we invite you not to entrust them for pierced earrings and to wait for the healing period to wear your own earrings.

Can you bring your own earrings for cartilage piercing ?

7 good practices to make your ears piercings heal faster

Rule #1 : Respect healing period!

Healing piercing depend on type of earrings and piercing location. As detailed previously, earlobe piercing will heal faster than earring with cartilage pierced. In general, piercings heal faster if you do not change your earring before getting piercing healed. Only exception could be made for 14k gold piece of jewelry.  

Rule #2 : Do not touch your fresh piercing!

Our hands are full of germs (we are well aware of this thanks to the anti-COVID barrier gestures). It is necessary to keep them away from your new piercing. Thus, NEVER touch your piercing without having washed your hands beforehand. As a general rule, keep in mind that you should limit contact with your piercing as much as possible in order to avoid altering the healing process.

Rule #3 : Use the right products to clean your piercings!

It is necessary to use the right products to allow optimal healing of the new piercing. It will be necessary to use a soft soap (neutral pH), physiological serum as well as an antibacterial without alcohol. The care is to be carried out in the following way:

  • Lather a small a mount of mild soap (neutral pH) on your fingers.
  • Apply the dab to the piercing. It is not necessary to make turn the piercing! It is simply necessary to clean the contours of this last one so that there is no microbe which can nestle there.

  •  To rinse abundantly with hot water.

  •  Let it dry.

  • Rinse with physiological serum.

  • Apply a little alcohol-free antibacterial for two weeks only.

It cannot be said enough: these treatments must be done with clean hands (clean hands = aseptic), morning and evening for a minimum of 2 months (except for the antibacterial: only 2 weeks). Except for the antibacterial, you can continue to realize these cares even after two months; it will not make harm to your piercing!

In general, remember to continue to take care of your pierced hole and jewelry after the healing period. If you have multiple piercings, you know that it is important to take care of them by storing your collection in old fashioned jewelry box! You will amortize the piercing cost by keeping your jewelry longer !

Rule #4 : Do not remove the crusts that form around pierced hole!

Small crusts will form on your piercing during its healing and it is completely normal! It is important not to tear off these crusts at the risk of creating micro-lesions that will lengthen the healing time. Therefore, you should not rotate your jewelry at all.

It is only under the shower, with very hot water, that the crusts can soften. Once out of the shower, you can put a compress on the scabs. They will come off by themselves. If not, leave them alone! They will come off on their own once the wound has healed.

Rule #5: avoid sleeping on fresh piercing!

This rule applies especially to ear piercings. We know it's complicated not to sleep on it, but at least try not to fall asleep on the pierced ear.

You can put a towel in your bed, under your back. The friction with your back will limit your movements (this is the same technique that is used with newborns to prevent them from turning over in their sleep).

Rule #6: avoid humid places!

For at least one month, it is necessary to avoid places with high humidity such as swimming pools, steam rooms, saunas or spas. You should also take showers rather than baths to. Indeed, bacteria love humid and warm places where they can multiply at will! It’s an important point to consider to get your ear piercing heal quickly.  

Rule #7: If swelling occurs!

It is very likely that your piercing swells during the healing period. Above all, don't panic! A swelling is not necessarily synonymous of infection: it is a traditional reaction to a cutaneous effraction. Disinfecting your piercing could on the contrary irritate it and make it more vulnerable. Do not over clean your piercings!

In case of swelling, you can put saline in the refrigerator to make cold compresses (sterile) to apply on your piece of jewelry. The cold will reduce the swelling. If they persist despite everything, contact your professional piercing place!


First, if you asked “Can I bring my own earrings to piercing”, now you know that you can bring your own earrings for lobe piercing in studio piercer. Cartilage piercing is not recommended, and the chain store will impose their own earrings. Don’t forget that safe and hygienic conditions are the more important factor to consider when you choose to pierce your ears.

Then, if you asked “Can I change my earrings before ear piercing heal?”, now you know that you can change any body piercing after 2 months if you replace it per other healing piercing. Otherwise, we advise you to respect the piercing system by waiting the time prescribed by the professional piercing place.

To finish, remember that piercing heal faster if you pierce ears respecting our 7 advises detailed above. Piercing location and grade implant should be given priority over piercing cost and jewelry designer reputation.

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