Can you hide a smiley piercing?

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The smiley piercing is an incredible mouth piercing to illuminate a smile. Attached to the lip frenulum, it increases the sensuality of your upper lip. However, in contrary to other types of piercings like nose piercing ou helix piercings, some women wish to hide their smiley piercing.

How to hide a smiley piercing? Why would you want to hide a smiley piercing? What are the ideas perceived on this mouth piercing still uncommon? We detail everything in this article.

How can you hide a smiley piercing?

Tip #1 : hide a smiley piercing with lips!

Not everyone has the same morphology. Some women have thicker bottom and upper lip sthan others. The latter can naturally hide their jewel without having anything else to do. Note that this can be a handicap if, on the contrary, you want your piercing to be visible. We advise you to ask your piercing studio professional for advice on the type of piercing to choose according to your lips.

Tip #2 : hide a smiley piercing by choosing the jewelry shape !

Your pierced hole can accommodate several different types of jewelry. Each type of jewelry is more or less visible. Some can be adjusted to be less visible. This is the case for horseshoes or curved bars that you can hide by turning them up. This tip cannot be used for full round piercings or drop piercings.

Tip #3: hide your smiley piercing by choosing the color of the jewel!

The jewelry color is an important factor in the visibility of your piercing. It strongly depends on your skin color. If you have light skin, avoid silver piercings that are particularly visible on you. Prefer white piercings! If you have dark skin, avoid gold piercings that blend well with your skin color. Opt for tarnished metal or black piercings.

Why hiding a smiley piercing?

Reason #1 : hide a smiley piercing at work!

You can make the choice to hide your piercing in a professional framework to avoid being badly seen by your hierarchy or to be judged by your colleagues of work. This is particularly the case in the banking and finance sectors or within large international companies. During a job interview in these sectors, you could be tempted to hide your smiley piercing. Other sectors are more flexible about your physical appearance, such as the restaurant industry or communications.

Reason #2: hide a smiley piercing from your parents!

Many teenagers also wish to hide their piercing by fear of their parent. Indeed, some adults are reluctant to let their child do a body piercing. You may then want to do a piercing in secret. Note that a navel piercing would be easier to hide than a smiley piercing! Not leaving your piercing lying around will also prevent a family member from finding it by chance. Remember to store it in the drawer back of your old fashioned jewelry box to make sure it is safe from prying eyes.

Reason #3 : hide a smiley piercing during his recovery!

Some jewelry lovers do not want their piercing to be visible during the healing time. This is because the piercing you wear during those first few months is a healing piercing with limited choices. You may not like the piercing that your professional piercer has placed. Some women choose to wait until the piercing has healed to expose the piercing they have chosen.

3 misconceptions about smiley piercing

Misconception #1 : smiley piercing hurt!

Many people think that the smiley piercing is painful piercing. One of the explanations for this rumor is its proximity to the tongue piercing which is known to be painful piercing. The general sensitivity of the mouth and facial piercings can also explain this idea. But does the smiley piercing hurt for real? Not really : it does not cause very intense pain. Indeed, contrairement aux daith piercing ou septum piercing qui sont des cartilage piercings, le smiley piercing ne perfore par une zone de peau très épaisse. Il est accroché à un thin frenulum sous la bottom lip.

The smiley piercing pain level is estimated to hurt 3 or 4 on a scale of 10. Unlike many piercings, smiley healing process is short, about 3 weeks. In the end, the smiley piercing is less constraining than we think! However, remain vigilant to respect the piercing procedure and the healing process. The lip frenulum is a sensitive area. Although the smiley piercing is easy to hide, it presents a higher risk of infection, piercing rejection, gum recession, and lip frenulum damage than other mouth piercings such as lip piercings. If you have a thin frenulum, remember to be thorough daily by brushing your teeth and applying saline solutions during healing times.

Misconception #2 : smiley piercing require to stop smoking!

Other people think that smiley piercing usually requires to stop smoking. We could validate this hypothesis for the sake of smokers. Fortunately for them, this assumption is a rumor. You can continue to smoke during smiley healing and after your piercing has healed. Only eating food and drinking alcohol should be regulated during the smiley piercing aftercare. Keep in mind that oral hygiene is very important for oral piercings such as smiley piercings as well as lips piercings or labret piercings. Poor oral hygiene can quickly lead to risk of infection, gum recession and piercing rejection.

Misconception #3: smiley piercing is vulgar!

If you're reading this blog, you must think that your smiley piercing needs to be hidden for some reason. If it is a professional context, the decision is not yours. Otherwise, keep in mind that a smiley piercing is an incredible piece of jewelry like any other. The day will come when the smiley piercing and the ring will be considered on an equal footing. Don't listen to the people around you who may consider this mouth piercing as vulgar or inappropriate. Feel free to decorate your body with all type of body piercing you want : labret piercing, daith piercing, tongue piercing, septum piercing, scrumper piercing, helix piercing or even nose piercing if you wish!

Other types of piercing easy to hide!

Even if tips exist to hide smiley piercings, it is not easy to hide piercings everytime. You can always use the color and shape of the piercing jewelry to make some piercings more discreet. However, ear piercings and nose piercings will remain hard to hide. Generally speaking, cartilage piercings on your face are meant to be visible all the time and are not hidings piercings. Tongue piercings are piercings you can hide at first sight. But genital piercings and belly button piercings are the only piercings you can hide constantly if you want it.  


Smiley jewelry can be hidden if it is a horseshoe piercing or by choosing a jewel of the color closest to that of your gum or your lip. This can be important in a professional context or for your entourage. But don't lose sight of the fact that a smiley piercing is in no way vulgar. Don't let your friends and family restrict you if you want to add a piece of jewelry to decorate your smile.

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