Do guys like belly button piercings?

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Women made belly button piercing because they enjoy this body jewelry particularly aesthetic. Whether it is to please herself or to seduce, it has become a real seduction accessory.

But do guys find belly button piercings attractive? How to emphasize its belly button piercing? We detail you all in this article!

Why guys may like belly button piercing?

Many men secretly fantasize about belly button piercing because they find belly rings sexy. This body jewelry present at the level of the navel which symbolizes femininity more than any other. It is visible during sex and contributes to the excitement of your sexual partner during the act or in everyday life.

This appeal was increased tenfold by its strong popularity in the 2000s where it went hand in hand with low-rise jeans and crop tops. The belly button piercing has been democratized at the same time as the woman's body. Now, naval piercings are part of the popular culture.

However, there has been a decrease in the number of women who have their belly button pierced since 2010. Rest assured, the presence of belly button piercing on the belly of many artists keeps a strong popularity in the artistic and literary circles. Kim Kardashian, Kendal Jenner or Billie Eillish are the faithful representatives of the movement initiated by artists of the 90s such as Britney Spears. These sex symbols contribute to make naval piercings sexy in the eyes of the boys who will appreciate to see this small jewel glittering on your belly. They contribute to make navel rings sexy!

Why guys may not like belly button piercing?

Some of the men who don't like belly button piercing consider it vulgar. Indeed, exposing a belly button piercing implies for girls to show their belly. Although this has become commonplace in our modern society, remember that women could not show their legs in the first part of the 20th century. The freedom of women's body is not so recent and some men still have this conservative spirit. Fortunately, it is a minority!

Another part of men don't like belly button piercing because of their religion. Neither the Bible nor the Koran explicitly forbids jewelry. However, some convey the idea that the prophets of the various religions would be against the port of the jewels and even more that of the piercings. Indeed, they would defend the idea that these fashion accessories are not compatible with being pious.

Finally, a last part of the men do not like the belly button piercing because they do not find this body jewelry aesthetic. This is mainly the case when your piercing does not match your morphology, your skin color, your other jewelry, your outfit or your piercing is not clean. Rest assured ladies, we share with you 5 tips to make your belly button piercing ultra sexy in the eyes of boys!

5 tips to showcase your belly button piercing to boys

Tip #1: Wear a belly button piercing that matches your body type!

You should choose to have your belly button pierced if you consider that it can be pretty and not hurt you. Indeed, women who are too corpulent suffer from a much slower healing of their belly button piercing. Moreover, this last one puts forward a belly with fat which is not necessarily what she wishes. Think of preferring a piercing if you want to highlight a flat stomach! :)

Tip #2: Match your belly button piercing to your skin color!

The first beauty tip for jewelry lovers is to match your jewelry to your skin color. Some skin colors make silver stand out more than gold and vice versa. We have made a summary according to your case.

  • Pale skin: if you have a milky skin like the Norwegians or the Canadians, we advise you to opt for silver color for belly button ring as well as for nose ring or ear piercing. It will contrast better with your skin color than the golden ones.
  • Pink skin: If your skin is pink like the French, you can go for a belly button piercing in silver or gold. The only indication is to avoid pink gold which will clash with your skin color.
  • Olive skin: If your skin is matte like in Latin America, you are blessed in terms of choice of body piercing : from nose ring to belly button ring. Any shade of belly button piercing will look good on you!
  • Dark skin: If your skin is close to brown or black like in Africa, we advise you to choose a gold colored belly button piercing. You can also choose silver but gold will offer the best contrast with your skin.

Tip #3: Match your belly button to your other jewelry!

Some jewelry lovers like to complete their outfit with mismatched jewelry such as gold rings and silver bracelets. However, we recommend that you choose a unique jewelry arrangement for each outfit you wear. You don't have to buy only gold jewelry or only silver jewelry. You can store your different collections in a modern jewelry box and choose the one you like best for your day when you get dressed.

Tip #4: Dress for the 2000s!

The belly button piercing was very fashionable in the 2000s. The clothes were elaborated in a way that this last one was visible. Crop top and low waist jeans allowed to emphasize this small jewel in the middle of your belly. Today, these clothes are less fashionable. However, what better way to differentiate yourself than to dress differently from others? Don't hesitate to pick up a crop top / low rise jeans set at the thrift store. You will appreciate to be different from the style of your friends. And It will increase visibility of your body piercing.

Tip #5: Keep your belly button piercing clean!

If you want to enhance your navel jewelry, don't forget to follow the belly button piercing aftercare. It is very important to respect the belly button heal and to clean your navel piercing daily the first months. After the healing period, consider storing piercings you are not using in vintage wooden jewelry box. Keeping your jewelry clean will avoid irritation, redness, swelling or crusting that will hurt you and that boys are not likely to appreciate ... Also, remember to intervene with the right cleaning method in case of complications. We explain everything, according to your case, in the following article.

3 ways to keep your belly button piercing clean!

If you have had your ear piercing or belly button piercing done in a piercing studio by a professional piercer, you should be familiar with these procedures. However, it costs nothing to refresh your mind.

Method #1: Antibacterial soap during the healing process of the piercing!

During the healing process, in the same way as nose pierced, it is imperative to clean your belly piercing once or twice a day with an antibacterial soap.

  • Get a mild antibacterial soap (one that contains triclosan)
  • Wash your hands
  • Put one or two drops of soap in the palm of your hand.
  • Lather the soap
  • Apply the lather to the stud piercing to prevent infection and encourage healing.

Method #2: The cotton swab to remove the scabs around the piercing!

Scabbing is a normal part of the healing process. If scabs form after the belly piercing has healed, we advise you to contact your professional piercer. Otherwise, you can apply this first aid:

  • Soak a cotton swab in warm water.
  • Rub the crusts that are on the piercing.
  • Wait until they soften to remove them.

Never pull out the crusts with your fingernails, as this could cause an infection. If you let the crust build up, it could harden around the piercing and pull on the wound when the piercing moves.

Method #3: Lavender oil to reduce swelling and skin sensitivity around the piercing!

Just as with scabs, swelling and irritation of your skin is normal during the healing process for belly button pierced as well as nose pierced. Although it is best to contact your professional piercer if they appear after a healing time, there is nothing to lose by using this method:

  • Wash your hands well with an antibacterial soap.
  • Drip a few drops of lavender oil on a clean piece of cotton.
  • Gently rub the cotton ball all around the piercing.
  • Gently swirl the piercing or pull it up to make sure the lavender oil reaches the inside of the piercing.
  • Use a tissue to wipe excess oil off the skin.

You can find lavender oil in department stores or organic stores. Just make sure it says it's okay to use it for this purpose, this ensures the purity of the oil and reduces the risk of irritation.


To conclude, a great part of guys like the belly button piercing which make the body of the women sexy. Only a few men are reluctant about the religion and the vulgar aspect associated with the piercing. However, you can thank the celebrities who have greatly contributed to make this body jewelry popular among men.

However, remember that guys find belly button piercings attractive if it match to your body type, your skin color, your other jewelry, and your outfit. Also be careful to keep your jewelry clean in all circumstances. This is an important factor that boys appreciate and which allows you, above all, to prevent your pierced hole from becoming infected !

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