What foods to avoid after nose piercing?

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Although mouth piercings are naturally associated with dietary restriction during healing, one should not forget about nose piercings which also require special attention to diet. It’s an important part of nose piercing aftercare to select food you can eat or not.

What foods are prohibited after nose piercing? What are the practices to avoid? How to heal faster? We detail everything in this article!

What foods to avoid after nose piercing?

A majority of people who did tongue piercing question their professional body piercer concerning the foods to avoid. Much less people who did nose piercings think about it. However, there are also foods to avoid after any nose piercing. Indeed, the mouth and the nose are connected. They share nerves and a common duct (the esophagus and trachea) that allows you to eat and breathe alternately. Also, they are morphologically close. You can therefore scream your nose with your hands or a food that you want to crunch during a meal. The risks are physical and physiological.

Prohibition #1: Big size foods!

Big size foods can cause physical damage. Fruits such as apples should not be bitten into, or it will come in contact with your nose and cause nasal trauma. Similarly, avoid biting into chicken legs or a sandwich. Even if it is not your habit, force yourself to cut up your fruit, meat or snacks and eat it with cutlery.

Prohibition #2: Crunchy foods!

Crunchy foods like nuts or peanuts are not recommended. Indeed, it can cause slight vibrations in your mouth that can be reflected in your nose. You may not have noticed this under normal circumstances, but body pierced is not a normal time!

Prohibition #3: Hot drink with steam!

You might think that hot food will make you feel better... bad idea! Hot coffee, steaming tea or hot chocolate are not recommended. It releases evaporation that goes up your nose and may slow down your healing time. If you drink it too often, you may even infect the wound. Moisture is an important vector of bacteria.

Prohibition #4: Spicy foods!

Spicy foods are not recommended for their effect on your body. It can heat up your mouth and irritate your mucous membrane. Choose a traditional sauce for a while!

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Why do you need to avoid these types of food after nose piercing?

Body pierced is not delicate only when piercing in piercing studios by piercing gun or needle of professional body piercer. You have to take care of your nose to avoid complications during the healing times. Hypertrophic scars, piercing rejection and nasal trauma are all problems that can be triggered very quickly in case of bad aftercare piercing. Infection is often the first sign that can lead to more serious problems like hypertrophic scars if no action is taken.

Is the food restriction same for different types of nose piercing?

There are 9 different types of nose piercings that can be done in piercing studios. Septum piercings and nostril piercings are the most common. Septril, rhino, Austin bar, nasallang and high nose piercings are more anecdotal on the lower part of the nose. The upper part has two main piercings: the third eye piercing and the bridge piercing.

Whatever the types of jewelry you choose or beauty tips you favor, we strongly advise you to apply the food restrictions we mentioned earlier.

How many time do you need to avoid these types of food after nose piercing?

It is recommended to respect this discipline during the entire healing process. We remind you that the different types of nose piercings do not have the same healing time. The healing process lasts 12 to 24 weeks for nostril piercings against 4 to 8 weeks for septum piercings.

You may feel this burdensome but keep in mind that some types of piercings require even more attention. For exemple, nipple piercings or belly button piercings are in permanent contact with clothing which irritate the piercing and slows down the healing. The easiest ones are still the ear piercings!

Food restriction is an important part of the nose piercing aftercare. But it’s not the only one. We listed 4 other thing to remember during nose healing process!

5 other things to avoid after nose piercing

Rule #1 : Avoid antiseptics!

Cleaning your nasal piercing with the wrong medical solution is more harmful than doing nothing. Do not use over-the-counter antiseptics, including Neosporin. Also, don't use hydrogen peroxide - it will irritate the piercing.

Rule #2 : Don’t play with your piercing!

Preventing infections need discipline! Don’t twist or play with your nose jewelry, as this will irritate the piercing. In the same way, don’t touch the piercing with dirty hands.

Rule #3 : Avoid sport!

As with many aftercare piercings, it is advisable to limit sports during the first few months after the piercing to limit nose piercing bump. Indeed, the body jewelry requires a minimal contraction of the muscles and the least possible impact to heal faster. You can resume your sports activities once the piercing has healed. However, be careful not to choose a dandling nose jewelry and to protect it the first months after your return to sports.

Rule #4 : Avoid beach!

When piercing is healing, we advise you not to go to the beach. In the same way as for nipple piercings, belly button piercings or ear piercings; nose piercing heal should be done away from heat, humidity and inpurities carried by the sand. Only sea salt can be beneficial if it is not polluted as we will see later. Preventing infections is to be preferred to fun during the summer when your nose piercing is healing.

Rule #5 : Don’t change your piercing!

You may be tempted to remove the healing piercing placed by the professional piercer before the end of the healing time. However, we do not recommend this. If you have already purchased the body jewelry you wish to wear, store it in your vintage jewelry box. This way, you will keep it intact and you will not lose it.

Respecting these rules assures you not causing an infection or more. But if you want to heal faster, you advise you to follow this daily cleaning nose process.

4 steps of the process to heal faster

Cleaning your nose piercing is a daily task. Nose piercing aftercare should be done 2 times/day for 15 days, then 1 time/day until the piercing is healed. Piercing heal need time and care for you nose to avoid rejection of the piercing. The different types of nose piercings (nostril, septril, Austin bar, rhino, septum, nasallang, bridge or third eye) all include a relative pain and healing time to respect.

Step #1 : Washing your hands!

Washing your hands properly with soap and water, then dry with clean paper towels. Remember that hands are the primary carriers of bacteria. Washing your hands with soap and water is therefore essential for cleaning your nose piercing hole.

Step #2: First exterior cleaning of the piercing!

Gently cleaning the outside of the piercing with a mild antibacterial soap, removing any residue (lymph concretions) with a compress, cotton ball or cotton swab. Then rinse with warm water and dry. Be sure to use an antibacterial soap rather than a conventional soap and not to remove the residue with a metal tool such as tweezers. A cotton ball is much more hygienic.

Step #3: Complete piercing cleaning!

Apply a little saline to the inside and outside while gently moving the jewelry, then dry. Be sure to be gentle to limit any nose piercing bump.

Step #4: Second exterior cleaning of the piercing!

Apply a bit of saline solution to the outside of the piercing and let it dry. Do this only for the first 15 days and remember to protect your eyes. Also make sure that you choose your salt solution carefully so that it is pure. Sea salt is good if it is not polluted.

If you clean your nose piercing regularly by following this method, you are assured a heal completely in time and without causing an infection to your piercing hole! It's up to you!


Nose piercing aftercare require food restriction about big size food, crunchy food, spicy food and hot drink with steam mainly! Different types of jewelry doesn’t directly influe on these rules but their different healing times are to take into consideration. Don’t forget that food restriction is not the only rule : avoid to touch your piercing, antiseptics, sport and beach are important too. To heal completely faster, we advise you to follow the full process in 4 steps we detailed below. It really work well!

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