Guys with two earrings in one ear

Guys with two earrings in one ear

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Times are changing and earrings for guys are being worn more and more today. Many men choose double ear piercing to complete their look.

Is it a simple fashion trend or an assumed sexual claim? Who wear two earrings in one ear? How to wear double ear piercing? We explain this trend in this article.

Why wearing two earrings in one ear?

Does wearing two earrings in one ear mean you’re gay?

Wearing a single earring in the right ear is a known sign of claim to the homosexual community. Is wearing two earrings also a known statement? Not really. Not all men who wear two piercings in their right ear claim to be gay.

Does wearing two earrings in one ear mean you’re straight guy?

However, straight guys don't use pierced ears to claim their heterosexuality. Guys with two earrings in one ear doesn’t wear these body jewelry to protest anything. They wear it for other reasons than sexuality expression.

Does wearing two earrings in one ear symbolizes something else?

The main reason of double ear piercing guys to wear it is style effect. In popular culture, piercings look is equated with a badboy and rebellious attitude. Some girls like guys with pierced ear, nose ring or even body jewelry. This choice can also be inspired by celebrities from the world of soccer, cinema or manga.

Who wears 2 earrings in one ear?

Neymar JR

In the world of soccer, the Brazilian player Neymar JR has been seen several times wearing several earrings on the same ear. He also wears earlobe piercing and diamond rings for special occasions. In general, he likes fashion trends. He is close to some fashion brands such as the house Balmain which invited him to its last fashion show.

Johnny Deep

In the world of cinema, the actor Johnny Deep has been photographed for several magazines with his left ear wearing up to 3 earrings. He is a long time earring look lover. He has worn many lobe piercings, nose piercings and body piercings during the different movies he has participated in.

Roronoa Zoro

In the manga universe, Zoro, the famous swordsman of the manga One Piece, wears 3 golden earrings on his left ear. He contributes to the general idea that associates guys with earrings to bad boy attitude.

How wearing 2 earrings in one ear?

Match jewelry metal to skin tone

The skin tone is the first factor to take into account in your choice of earrings types. Like for any fashion accessory, double ear piercing guys want their body jewelry to be visible. Avoid body jewelry whose color is too close to your skin color. You might be disappointed with the result. White man wearing white earrings is as silly as black man wearing black earrings. Here are helpful tips to follow depending on your skin color:

  • Fair skin: silver or gold colors will work well for fair skin. Avoid rose gold which will bring out the pink of your skin.
  • Pale skin: Do you have milky skin? Avoid golden yellow colors and. Choose silver colors instead.
  • Olive skin: You have free rein: almost any color will suit you.
  • Dark skin: Golden yellow will attract all eyes to you. Silver or whitish colors will also suit you but yellow will be your best friend.

Perfect match between Travis Scott's double ear percings and his skin tone.

Match the jewelry to the face shape

In general, favor earrings that denote the shape of your face to create an outfit of character. However, guys with double ear piercings have to respect certain rules. Here are some helpful tips to remember depending on the shape of your face:

  • Oblong face : Round earrings.
  • Heart-shaped face : straight earrings without curves (such as cones or bars).
  • Square face : Round or curved earrings.
  • Round face : Square earrings.

Round earrings for oblong face, straight earrings without curves for hear-shaped face, same for square face and square earrings for round face

Match jewelry and accessories metal

You can choose several styles to match your earrings to your outfit. If you want to go further, the metals that make up your different accessories must also match the jewelry metal you choose. We advise you not to combine gold frames and silver earrings for example. Guys piercing must be consistent in terms of style and composition. Need some inspiration? Check out the model below. He perfectly matched his glasses, his nose ring, his lobe piercing and his double ear piercing.

Vary the location of the ear piercing

When we speak about double ear piercing, we think directly of earlobe piercings. But it is not necessarily the case! Several guys stand out with ears pierced higher. This allows to create volume and to adopt new piercings look. 

5 inspirations for guys with two earrings in one ear

Inspiration #1 : Classic little hoop earrings!

2 earrings in one ear man are used to wear these classic little hoop earrings. That’s the most common ear lobe earring for guys. These round earrings are the best option to decorate the mans left ear without taking risks. Their universal aspect allows you to wear them in all contexts.

two earrings in one ear for guys composed of two classic little hoop earrings

Inspiration #2 : One classic little hoop earring with one crazy helix earring!

Double ear piercing on guys also enjoy varying the types of earrings they use. Wearing an earring located in the earlobe and an earring located in the helix is a good option to change the mood. Of course, this requires having the right piercing holes for the job.

 Two earrings in one ear for guys composed of one classic little hoop earring and one crazy helix earring!

Inspiration #3 : One little hoop earring with one industrial earring!

This other variation can also appeal to men with 2 earrings in 1 ear. Industrial earrings are more used as women earrings than for men earrings. However, the man's left ear can stand out by wearing an earring in this new piercing trend. Beware though, these piercings hurt a little more than earlobe piercings due to the presence of cartilage that is harder to pierce.Two earrings in one ear for guys composed of one little hoop earring and one industrial earring!

Inspiration #4 : One black earring with one tragus earring!

Black studs, black clip-on earrings or the classic black piercing are underrated options for guys with two earrings in one ear. The cost of the black piercing is not very high. It is also used by men with earrings in both ears. Wearing black studs or earrings on light skinned men makes the jewelry even more visible!

Two earrings in one ear for guys composed of one black earring and one tragus earring!

Inspiration #5 : Original double earrings!

The quest for jewelry that stands out is common for guys with 2 earrings in one ear and those with earrings in both ears. Wearing an earring as you can see below is a good option for any piercing hole. Feel free to impose your style.
Two earrings in one ear for guys composed of Original double earrings!

Use advise for double ear piercing

Where wearing two earrings in one ear?

You can wear several earrings on the same ear for a party, an event, or an outing with friends. Be more discreet with your family or in a professional setting. Indeed, some recruiters are particularly attentive to the way you dress.

When wearing two earrings in one ear?

We do not recommend wearing several earrings in winter or in a country where the temperature is close to 0°C. Indeed, earrings are often made of heat conducting materials. The metal that composes it can freeze your ear much more than you think. Remember that the ears are among the most nerve-terminated areas of your body.

Also, we do not recommend wearing multiple earrings in hot countries where the temperature is over 40°C. The opposite phenomenon can occur and burn your earlobes.

Finally, we advise you to remove your earrings when you practice a sport activity. This will allow you not to hurt yourself or your opponent.

How to take care of your earrings collection?

If you buy earrings, it is important to take care of it for two reasons:

  • Not to infect your ear hole.
  • Not to deteriorate the quality and shine of your little treasures.

We advise you to clean them regularly with a specific product. We recommend a frequency of two to three times a month. Also, it is essential to store it in modern jewelry box. The latter can be specific to your earrings collection or also accommodate your silver bracelets, gold necklaces or diamond rings. This way, you can be sure not to lose your body jewelry.


Piercings have been democratized in the 20th century to become jewelry like any other in Occident. Ear piercing, nose piercing and all other body piercing are fashion accessories that are marketed by many fashion brands. Earrings looks are subject to many debates. But we explained that guys wearing earrings do not necessarily have any claim to wear today. The fact that girls like guys wearing it and the associated bad boy culture are sufficient arguments for wearing earrings. Neither piercing cost nor piercing hurt seem to slow down the trend!

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