Magician steals $6.3 million worth of jewelry

Magician steals $6.3 million worth of jewelry

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This incredible theft takes place without weapons or violence, in the middle of the day in the center of Paris. A magician steals 6.3 million dollars worth of jewelry from a famous Geneva jeweler without the latter noticing.

It's only a couple of hours after the crime that the authorities launched a pursuit. How did he go about it? We explain everything to you.

In this article, you will discover :

  • The context of the meeting of the two men
  • Explanation of the magic trick used to steal the jewels
  • The details of the magician's escape

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Jewel thief posing as a broker

This story takes place on December 30, 2016 in Paris. George Ploscaru, a 42-year-old man, has an appointment in the private salon of diamond dealer De Grisogono. The latter is known for making exceptional pieces. He is a Swiss jaoillier who settled in Place Vendaume to practice his trade.

George pretended to be a broker who wanted to evaluate jewels for a rich client. He covets two rings set with precious stones and two diamonds. The latter are presented to him in their case. He insists on seeing them better, claiming to be a "gem expert himself, a diamond specialist". At first, the jeweler is suspicious, but he ends up giving it to him.

George takes it in hand and examines it. After few minutes analyzing the jewels and discussing it with the jeweler, he gives it back to him. He declares that it will not interest his client. Thanking the jeweler, he leaves the store. The jeweler puts away his precious treasures and resumes his activities. In appearance, nothing exceptional. However, the robbery has been carried out. You did not get it? we explain.


The magician takes the place of the jewel thief

The jeweler put his jewelry in their showcase when George left. Two hours later, taken of a doubt, he took them out to check their identity. Their brightness is not the same, they are fakes! George exchanged the real jewels he gave him for fakes without him realizing it.

How did he do it? He used a beginner's magic trick with a master's execution. This trick is called a Shuttle Pass. Originally, as you can imagine, it is not intended for jewelry robbery or theft. But it turns out that it worked very well in George's case.


Leakage and attempted resale of jewels

When he discovers the deception, the jeweler warns the authorities directly. George Ploscaru is known to the police authorities as well as his talents as magician. He is a Romanian nicknamed "the thief with the golden hands". He is part of a gang of thieves specialized in the jewelry sector. The latter is simply called "the jewel thieves" and consists of 7 members.

The connection with this group provokes his search by the international authorities. Aware that he must remain discreet, the jewel thief left by car directly from Romania with his girlfriend. In this way, he avoids the airports where he has could be controlled. Then, he travels to Bucharest to sell his jewelry to a rich Israeli buyer.

At the same time, the brigade of repression of banditry (BRB) and the Diicot, the Romanian service for the fight against organized crime and terrorism, worked together. They have managed to trace George's trail and locate him on his way to his meeting. However, they choose not to arrest him. Indeed, the jewels he has are small and there is no proof that he has it in his possession. They want to arrest him with the diamonds so that they can charge him and retrieve it at the same time. So, they let the meeting go on as normal.

However, the meeting does not go as planned. The jewels are worth 6.3 million dollars (5.5 million euros). This is a large sum that the rich Israeli tries to negotiate down, without success. The two men are unable to agree on the price. The negotiation escalates and they separate without an agreement being reached. However, the jewels were shown on the table during their meeting. The police now know that George has it in his possession. But he doesn't arrest him. Not yet ...


Arrest and recovery of jewelry

The authorities suspect that he will try to join his group to sell the jewels. They hope to be able, through George, to catch the other members. This is what happened since George went to the hotel of a member of the jewel thief group. After a few hours of observation and analysis of telephone conversations, they intervened. The two accomplices are arrested, the diamonds are found and the network is dismantled.

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