Maison Mouawad create the most expensive jewelry box

Maison Mouawad create the most expensive jewelry box

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If you love jewelry, you certainly own a wooden jewelry box to keep your collection. It is not only a beautiful object of character, but it also serves to protect your jewelry from damage or too much exposure.

Have you ever wondered what is the most expensive jewelry box ever made?

In this article, you will discover :

  • The history of Maison Mouawad's five generation
  • The look of the most expensive jewelry box in the world
  • The price of the most expensive jewelry box in the world

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The history of Maison Mouawad

Five generations of businessmen united around the love of jewelry

One hundred and ten years of experience, five generations of savvy businessmen and a lot of carats. Today, the Mouawad family constitutes an important empire in the world of jewelry and luxury.

Today, more than 1600 people around the world work for Robert Mouawad and his three sons, Alain, Fred and Pascal. The empire weighs 1.5 billion francs and is one of the 300 largest fortunes of the Swiss watchmaking industry. Headed by Robert, the father, a hard worker with an undeniable sense of commerce.

But Mouawad, the Saudi Arabian court jeweler, is above all a saga that combines travel, exceptional stones, encounters and a pioneering spirit. The only constant between Lebanon, Mexico, the United States and Saudi Arabia … The passion of five generations of the same family for the trade and the diffusion of jewelry watches.

The first generation of jewellers, the birth of a passion for jewelry

David Mouawad (1865-1951) is the creator of the eponymous house. In 1890, he left his native Lebanon and spent more than 20 years between New York and Mexico City to learn the unique skills of watchmaker, goldsmith, and jeweler.

With his knowledge, he returned to Beirut and opened his first workshop in 1908. He created with passion innovative watches and jewelry that already seduced many customers.

The second generation of jewellers, the jewellers of kings

Fayez Mouawad (1917-1990) succeeded his father. His work attracts the attention of his country's elite. It’s linked with his sense of innovation. Indeed, he was one of the first jewelers to add precious stones to the watches he created.

He is the first one to open a boutique with watches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Soon, he supplied his products to the most powerful rulers of the country. Kings, aristocrats and high bourgeoisie competed for his precious jewels.


The third generation of jewelers, the internationalization of the Maison Mouawad

Ironically, this success story could have been short lived. Robert Mouawad, the man who literally built the Mouawad empire and gave his name to some of the most beautiful diamonds in the world, wanted to be a doctor. He began his medical studies in Paris, but his father Fayez, the first watchmaker in Saudi Arabia, had to undergo a major operation and called him back to Jeddah.

Robert Mouawad is only the third in a generation of Lebanese watchmakers. When in 1964, he found himself in Jeddah at the head of the jewelry and watchmaking business, he opened a jewelry and design workshop in Paris before moving on to Geneva. In the 1970s, he moved the brand's headquarters to Geneva. At the same time, he started producing watches with his new label: Robergé. This name is an amalgamation of Robert and Geneva.

This is how the adventure of the watchmaker-jeweller took a turn. In the image of David Mouawad's pioneering spirit, father and son deployed in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and the United States. They gave the same ardor to develop their products as the settlers who had just landed in the past took to clearing the new land.


The fourth generation of jewelers, innovation and excellence

January 1st, 2010, the fourth generation is integrated into the family business.

Fred and Pascal, two of Robert Mouawad's three sons, found the Mondera company, intended for the direct sale of jewelry on the web. Poker winner. With a simple click, one of their customers even ordered a $96,000 piece of jewelry.

As for watches, it was Alain the third to launch the Robergé manufacture in Le Brassus, before launching his own ILC distribution company in Geneva. In addition to this, luxury hotels and one of the most prestigious private diamond collections in the world are also being added. 

The fifth generation of jewelers, the future of the 21st century

The fifth generation of jewelers is still young. However, they are already prepare to take responsability into the development of the famous jewelry company. It consists of Jimmy Mouawad, the son of the fourth generation co-guardian, Fred Mouwad, and Anastasia Mouawad, the daughter of fourth generation co-guardian Alain Mouawad.

They seek to respond to the challenges of the 21st century, particularly those related to corporate respondability in the fashion industry. That's why they create the Mouawad Diamond Impact Fund, which aims at inspiring positivity through brand engagement.

The jewelry box of record value

Maison Mouawad has recently created event by manufacturing an unique jewelry box on the market. After creating many jewels, it chooses to propose a luxury storage for these precious treasures.

Indeed, the main purpose of a jewelry box is to protect your precious earrings, bracelets or your favorite necklaces. But it must also be aesthetic and contribute to the luxurious image of the Maison Mouawad.

In 2017, the luxury goods company Mouawad presented the incredible "Flower of Eternity Jewelry Coffer": a small wooden jewelry box adorned with diamonds, precious stones and precious metals. It is a particularly beautiful object, decorated with a range of white and yellow diamonds totaling 542.39 carats, to which are added 293.24 carats of sapphires, 20.06 carats of rubies and finally 1,899.75 carats of lapis lazuli. Breathtaking!

Its price peaks at over €2.5 million. This is the first time such an expensive contemporary jewelry box has been offered on the market. The history of the house, its know-how, the meticulous work on details, and the abundance of gemstones may explain this very high price.

It consists of a drawer and two layers that allow for the storage of jewelry such as rings, earrings or small bracelets. Its flap opening with lock allows its owner to move it safely without risk of losing his precious treasures. However, considering the hight purchase price, we advise him to always keep it close to him, preferably in his house. It would be a shame if a magnificent jewelry box like this one were to get lost or stolen.


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