Origin of the panther representing Maison Cartier

Origin of the panther representing Maison Cartier

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> Asking what animal represents luxury world comes down to the question : what animal represents cartier?

It's an iconic panthere ! It's one of the most recognizable symbols in this universe. It adorns famous jewelry and many accessories that everyone dreams of storing in his wooden jewelry box. Yet, few know how it has imposed itself in more than a century of existence.

Have you ever wondered why has the panther been the symbol of Maison Cartier for over 100 years?

In this article, you will discover :

  • A summary Maison Cartier's history
  • The origin the panther's creation
  • The panther's meaning for its creator
  • The role of Jeanne Toussaint in the company's development

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Maison Cartier’s company

Cartier is a large company in the luxury industry. It was founded in 1847 in Paris by Louis-François Cartier. It manufactures, distributes and sells several luxury products.

It has diversified its activities and sells jewelry, watches, leather goods, perfumes, glasses, ... It is now a subsidiary of the Richemont group which also owns other major brands such as Montblanc, Piaget, ...

Cartier is known internationally for its great know-how, but also for its position as a pioneer in watchmaking.

The history of Maison Cartier's emblematic panther

> You may ask when and where did the first panthere appear on a cartier creation ?

Few named it the cartier leopard, but it's a panther which has been the emblem of the Cartier brand since the 20th century. It appeared for the first time in 1914.

It is first represented by the reproduction of its coat thanks to diamonds mixed with onyx, which represents the panther's rosettes. The panther is then represented in 2 dimensions on many products. But this onyx panther bracelet unique in jewellers' spirit.

It took off thanks to Jeanne Toussaint who finally realized a 3D representation of the panther for Cartier. The panther is a success and then becomes the emblem of Cartier.

For its 164th anniversary, Cartier had offered an unusual advertising film recounting the odyssey of a panther through France, Russia, India and China. A very fine example of brand storytelling, where we discover, between mythology, legend, style and modernity, the major stages in the history of the Maison Cartier and the territories that inspired its most mythical creations.

To the sound of fairytale music, the Cartier panther will come to life and sum up, in just a few minutes, the DNA of the mythical house.

The meaning of the panther for Maison Cartier

Louis Cartier asked George Barbier to create a unique image, a watercolor for a jewelry exhibition. He draws a woman adorned with jewels with a black panther at her feet. It's the first panther design which appeared for Maison Cartier!

Loving the idea, Louis decided to make the panther the emblem of Cartier. Indeed, the panther is for Cartier a symbol of femininity, sensuality and independence. Jeanne Thoussaint, a loyal collaborator of Louis Cartier, is the perfect embodiment of these values.

Jeanne Thoussaint, the incarnation of the Cartier woman

> You may ask when jeanne toussaint become creative director of Cartier ?

Jeanne Toussaint was successively Louis Cartier's mistress and his muse. Then, she became the visionary creative director at the head of Cartier Fine Jewelry from 1933. She is a woman who, for 20 years, will be able to understand modernity and constantly bounce back on the expectations of her customers. When Louis Cartier was a war’s prisoner, she manages Maison Cartier instead of him. She is a liberated woman, avant-gardist and self-confident, who will be called “the panther”. She embodies the Cartier woman: elegant, free, sensual and strong. It's a real glamorous woman !

Jeanne Toussaint has put all her genius into imagining the craziest jewels : panther brooch, onyx bracelet, earings with birds of paradise or other phantasmagorical creatures. They made the success of Maison Cartier all over the world. Actresses, billionaires, maharajahs, all of them will wear the fantastic bestiary born of their imagination and brought to life by exceptional craftsmen.

Even today, the Cartier panther is still at the heart of the new collections. Since 1914, the panther has been the symbol of Maison Cartier, carrying the entire history of this emblematic house, and remains an inspiration for collection that brilliantly blends heritage and modernity.


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