Piercing princess Diana : definition & name explanation!

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The intimate and genital piercings are body jewelry which are democratized only since a few years. New forms of piercing appear and disappear according to the erotic trends. Recently, it’s the princess diana piercing which emerged.

What is called a princess diana piercing? Why is it called a princess Diana piercing? Why wearing a princess Diana piercing? We tell you everything in this article!

What is called a princess Diana piercing?

Definition of princess Diana piercing

The princess Diana piercing is an intimate and genital piercing for women. It appeared recently and is not well known by the population. It consists of two straight barbells located on the right and left of the vulva. They are parallel to each other. The top of the bars frame the clitoris while the bottom of the bars are located inside the labia majora. It’s also called VCH piercing : Vertical Clitoral Hood piercing. It is opposed to the second type of piercing where the straight barbell is positioned horizontally in relation to the clitoris.

The new intimate and genital piercing for women

Female genital piercings are coming back in fashion after being used in BDSM and fetish circles. They have basically a more decorative role than sexual. However, these piercings, especially in women, are often very stimulating and bring a lot of additional sexual pleasure. Note that all jewelry types can be used for female genital piercings.

There are 7 types of intimate and genital piercings for women:

  • Clitoris piercing.
  • Clitoris cap piercing.
  • Christina piercing.
  • Piercing fork.
  • Triangle piercing.
  • Nefertiti piercing.
  • Piercing of the big lips.
  • Piercing of the small lips.

The princess Diana piercing is a variant of the clitoris cap piercing. The healing of a princess Diana piercing usually takes between 2 to 4 months.

Why is it called a princess Diana piercing?

The term "Princess Diana" refers to Diana Spencer, also known as "Ladi Di", the famous Princess of Wales, the late ex-wife of Prince Charles. She died in a car accident in a tunnel in Paris at the age of 36. This event fixed her character as a tragic icon. The reason for using the name "Princess Diana" to define this piercing is not certain. Three major hypotheses have been put forward. We detail everything below!

Hypothesis #1: The piercing that defines femininity as royal!

In the popular culture worldwide, the name "Princess Diana" is associated with femininity and royalty. Naming a piercing with the name of the royal princess allows to associate these values to this so particular jewelry. Placed at the entrance of the intimacy of women, it can be imagined as a golden door aiming at sublimating their genital apparatus.

Hypothesis #2 : The piercing for all!

Diana Spencer was often nicknamed the "Princess of Hearts" for her commitment to the underprivileged. She notably fought for the HIV positive people. These strong actions have marked the world. To name a piercing with the name of the princess of the hearts allows to associate the piercing with the values of charity, equality and universality. What of more anchored in the societal tendencies that the equality man-woman?

Hypothesis #3: The piercing that refers to the Prince Albert piercing!

Prince Albert is the name of an intimate and genital piercing for men that goes through the glans and the urethra. It is also the sovereign of Monaco since 2005. It can be a reference to this very famous male piercing : prince Albert piercing. This is the reason why some people also call princess Diana piercing, the piercing Albertina.

Why make a princess Diana piercing?

We notice that women who perform a princess diana piercing jewelry do so for 3 main reasons. Note that many women do it for several reasons.

Reason #1 : the princess Diana piercing to look good !

As for the other body piercings, one of the principal triggers of a princess Diana piercing realization is to "decorate" its body. Although still anecdotal, more and more women are interested in having a jewel placed on their female genital area. Doing a princess Diana piercing jewelry is an original way to do it. Note that you can always remove the piercing if you do not like it anymore. You will just have to store it in your vintage wooden jewelry box and take it out again later.

Reason #2: the princess Diana piercing for sexual pleasure!

The labia, the entrance to the vagina and the clitoris are erogenous zones that can be stimulated by one's own hands, those of one's sexual partner or by a piercing. The installation of a female genital piercing which will come to titillate the clitoris is more and more appreciated because of its frightening effectiveness. With something so private and taboo, just knowing that you have a piercing can be very sexy and excite both partners. Men like to have new options to turn their partners on. A princess diana can help spice up a couple's sex life!

Reason #3: the princess Diana piercing for its name!

Among the various possible genital piercings, some women prefer the princess Diana piercing because of the values associated with Princess Diana's name. This allows to give a personality to jewels still too taboo in everyday discussions.

3 cautions to take with a Princess Diana piercing

Caution #1 : princess Diana piercing and healing times !

Princess Diana piercing is not a clitoral piercing per se. You do not risk to desensitize your clitoral glans. However, the straigh barbells are on the right and left of the clitoris. Like tongue piercings, this is a sensitive piercing style that requires adherence to the piercing procedure and the initial healing time. Note that the latter is shorter than other types of piercings like the triangle piercing or the christina piercing. However you must be very careful with the labret studs that will have been placed in your pierced hole by your piercing studio. Poor healing can infect the labret studs and create nerve damage.

Caution #2 : princess Diana piercing and clothes !

In the same way as the belly button piercing, vch piercing are in permanent contact with clothing. In the case of belly button piercing, you can choose crop tops to limit the friction. In the case of clitoral hood piercing, it is more complicated. However, avoid tight jeans and favor loose jeans and granny panties during the piercing procedure. Then, when your piercing has healed, carefully select the type of jewelry you will wear. Curved barbells, circular barbells and straight barbells will not cling to your clothing in the same way.

Caution #3 : princess Diana piercing and sex !

Although clitoral glans are part of the BDSM scene, it is advisable to be careful when having sex. Indeed, too rough sexual intercourse can cause nerve damage if too much pressure is exerted on the clitoris or on the nearby area. Also here, the piercing style choice is important. Between curved barbells, circular barbells and straigh barbells, the pressure areas will not be the same.


The princess Diana piercing, or piercing Albertina, is an intimate and genital hood piercing for women. It is called so in homage to the royal princess for reasons of femininity, equality or in reference to the male genital piercing: Prince Albert. Women do this type of piercing for its aestheticism, for the sexual pleasure it brings and also a little because of its evocative name. If you want to perform a princess Diana piercing, contact a professional piercer from a piercing studio or a tattoo artist. It is a delicate procedure that requires respecting sanitary rules during the piercing and during the initial healing time.

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