Three lobe piercings

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Lobe earring is the most common of all ear piercings. People of all ages get their ears pierced every day. Finding one earring is easy but matching three lobe piercings is more difficult. It is necessary to take into account the body jewelry features and their style to create consistency.

What are the main three lobe piercings features? How to assort it? Which earrings to add after making three lobe piercings? We answer all these questions in the article below!

Three lobe piercings features

Does triple lobe piercing hurt?       

The earlobe is one of the only ear area which is only composed of skin. Unlike cartilage piercings, the professional piercer only has to pierce areas of thin skin. Therefore, earlobe piercings last only a few seconds and are not considered very painful. Lobe piercing pain is estimated between 2 and 3 on a scale of 1 - 10. This is far less pain than the one felt for placing cartilage earrings, eyebrow rings, nose ring, lip ring, nipple ring, tongue piercings or belly button ring piercing.

How long does the healing of lobe piercings last?

The earlobe healing is usually quite good. In fact, if you follow the instructions of your professional piercer and clean it twice a day with saline solution, you could be completely out by 6 weeks. However, we recommend that you wait from 8 to 16 weeks before wearing your own sterling silver earrings after an earlobe piercing. It is important to wear stud earrings made in surgical steel or 14K gold before placing your own ear jewelry. Stud earrings are essential for multiple ear piercings where infection in one pierced hole can lead to infection in others.

Can you get 3 lobe piercings at once?

Generally, professional piercer does not perform more than 3 to 4 simultaneous piercings per session. Therefore, he must be able to perform 3 lobes piercings at once. But note that the piercing area must be the same! Indeed, if you want to make 2 piercings in the left ear and 1 piercing in the right ear, the piercing studio should refuse your request. You would have difficulty sleeping and fully healing if both sides of your head had to heal!

3 tips to spotlight your three lobe piercings

Tip #1 :  Match three lobe piercings color to each other

While some jewelry lovers like to do this, we do not recommend that our customers vary the materials of the piercings they wear. Sure, you can have gold, silver or steel earrings stored in your vintage wooden jewelry box made in Japan. However, be sure to wear them separately for a more cohesive look. Alternate between gold earrings when you go out and silver earrings for work for example! Note that this separation should also be done within your jewelry box. Jewelry collections are best kept when each compartment is dedicated to a specific material. In the case of earrings with gemstones, store it in separate jewelry box!

Tip #2 : Match three lobe piercings color with your skin color

Skin color is more important than we think. The same earring can brighten up one person and be inconspicuous on another. If you have dark skin, gold earrings will be particularly beneficial to you! Conversely, beige skin would be more highlighted by sparkling silver! Of course, these indications are only given to optimize the visibility of your jewelry. Do not restrict yourself to wear the earrings you like after reading this blog :)

Tip #3 : Match three lobe piercings with your outfit

The outfit is the last element to take into account when choosing your piercings. Generally speaking, you are free to match the piercings you like with your outfit. However, if you really want to work on the details, you can choose simple piercings when your outfit is busy and vice versa. This will help lighten your figure. Also note that earrings can either enhance your body shape or detract from it. If you want to look taller, opt for long dangling earrings. Conversely, to highlight your curves, large hoop earrings are the perfect choice. To help you determine which style of three lobe piercings you like best, we've listed 5 piercing ideas we like best. Pick the ideas you like best :)

5 three lobe piercings inspiration

Inspiration #1 : Classical three lobe piercings

This first piercing idea is a classic profile of triple ear piercings. It consists of two tight earrings, one of which is dangling, matched with a discreet piercing at the border of the low helix. It’s three lobe piercing in white gold that you can match with any type of outfit and keep in everyday life.

Classical three lobe piercings

Inspiration #2: Three lobe piercings with the first two linked together

This second combo is a variation of the first one. The two tightened earrings are linked together by a gold plate chain. It allows to create volume and to be more visible, also thanks to its composition in yellow gold. Although elegant, you can choose to adopt this three lobe piercings to complete a streewear-chic outfit.

Three lobe piercings with the first two linked together

Inspiration #3 : Butterfly three lobe piercings

This third inspiration is sublime. The two outer jewels are wings in an inverted position that frame a central jewel in the shape of a flake. This set of three lobe piercings forms a butterfly that will not go unnoticed. These are the perfect 14k gold plated earrings to decorate a sober and simple outfit!

Butterfly three lobe piercings

Inspiration #4 : Same three lobe piercings with different size

Choosing to place hoop earring set of different sizes is always a good choice. It assures you coherent accessories and a real harmony with your outfit of the day. It can be interesting to place these 14k gold plated three lobe piercings, also called Narcisse, on your two ears for a maximum result! Hoop earring set is always a good choice for women who love classic earrings ear.

Same three lobe piercings with different size

Inspiration #5 : One big lobe piercing with two little one

Remember not to overload your ear to highlight an exceptional jewel. The huggie hoop earring is completely sublimated by two small gold plate piercing lobe which subtly underline it. In general, we strongly advise you to apply this "one big, two little" scheme for the three lobe piercings you wear. Huggie hoop earrings are an interesting jewelry accessory for multiple ear piercings and especially for multiple lobe piercings. In the latter case, remember to match your lobe piercing with your lip ring, your nose ring or your eyebrow rings if you have any. Ideally, even the most intimate piercings for genital gold nipple rings should match the gold plate huggies hoop earrings selected.

One big lobe piercing with two little one

5 inspiration of alternative three ear piercings

Different types of ear piercings

Earlobe piercings are the most common and simple to use. However, there are many other ear piercings that can make up your three lobe piercings. It is worth knowing about them in order to determine, in advance, your first impressions of the different possibilities available.

Note that the other ear piercings are all cartilage piercings. The piercing pain is more intense and the healing time longer. However, it is at the price of a body jewelry that you might love at first sight. There are 10 of them: low helix, tragus, forward helix, rook, tash rook, helix, contraconch, conch, antitragus and daith piercing. You will find their position on the diagram below:

Different types of ear piercings

Alternative #1 : Two ear piercings and one helix piercing

Two ear piercings and one helix earring is one of the most common alternatives to three lobe piercings. Indeed, the helix zone is a large area that allows many different possibilities of piercing. Here, the woman made the choice to highlight the two beautiful 18k solid gold earlobe jewelry by choosing a very discreet sterling silver helix jewelry.

Two ear piercings and one helix piercing

Alternative #2 : Two ear piercings and one helix piercing linked

This woman also chose a helix piercing to complete double piercing lobe. However, the helix piercing and the upper lobe piercing are connected and form one. The double gold chain that makes the link allows to create volume around the ear to sublimate it. You will notice that the woman has skillfully chosen two earlobe piercing more discreet than the first one in order not to overload the ear in addition to the chain.

Two ear piercings and one helix piercing linked

Alternative #3 : Two ear piercings and one contraconch piercing

The twisted gold hoop earring is the central jewel of this woman's ear. It is highlighted by a second, more discreet earlobe and a contraconch piercing that visually structures the ear. The contraconch piercing is an increasingly popular choice for women who appreciate its adaptability. You can easily wear it with all other types of ear piercings.
Two ear piercings and one contraconch piercing

Alternative #4 : Three same earrings

Many women think about assembling several complex earrings. However, three little earrings in the same shape can sometimes give an equally satisfying result. In the shape of a butterfly, a heart or a simple round, this is a choice not to be overlooked. It is discreet and easy to match with your everyday outfit.

Three same earrings

Alternative #5 : Three ear piercings in different location

This woman also chose two identical piercings but in different locations. The first one is at the level of the tragus while the second is positioned towards the helix. Discreet tragus earring and helix ear piercing allows to put forward a more imposing earlobe piercing which hangs along the neck. This gold earring lengthens the silhouette of the ear and brings a unique touch to an outfit.
Three ear piercings in different location

5 piercings to match with three lobe piercings

Once your three lobe piercings are done, many women want to continue decorating their ear. There are many possibilities. While taking into account the tips mentioned above, we have listed 5 inspirations that we like! We hope you will like them too! :)

Inspiration #1 : Triple lobe piercings and low helix piercing

Once your earlobe full of piercings done, you can continue to place jewelry accessory in continuity of your ear. The best way is to pierce from low helix to high helix. We advise you not to add more than two piercings in this direction and to vary with 18k solid gold tragus earring or plated sterling silver daith piercing opposite the ear. Multiple ear jewelry doivent être assortie entre eux pour pouvoir créer un cohérent earrings set.
Triple lobe piercings and low helix piercing

Inspiration #2 : Three lobe piercings and contraconch piercing linked

An original piercing to add is a contraconch chained earring connected to your first earlobe piercing by a chain. If your first triple piercing are small, chain earring allows you to create relief and to highlight your ear. Be careful not to hang it on your hair in everyday life!
Three lobe piercings and contraconch piercing linked

Inspiration #3 : Triple lobe piercings and conch piercing

Many women choose piercings on the outer surface of the ear because they are more visible. However, piercings on the inside are also very designer and highlight the relief of your ears. A conch piercing is like a gold nugget that would have fallen in your ear and would not have left since. To wear without moderation!
Triple lobe piercings and conch piercing

Inspiration #4 : Three lobe piercings and industrial piercing

After having been worn by the punk movement at the end of the 20th century, the industrial piercing has made its great comeback for a few years. This straight bar actually represents two new piercings which explains its slower healing time than the average ear piercing. Assorted with a chain, it is part of a resolutely streetwear style and can perfectly complete a choker necklace.
Three lobe piercings and industrial piercing

Inspiration #5 : Triple lobe piercings and tragus piercing

Finally, the tragus piercing is part of the most common piercings added to three lobe piercings. Opposite of the ear, it is to create symmetry and coherence among everything that shines on your ear. In the same way as the contraconch piercing, it is a piece of jewelry that adapts to all types of piercings that you decide to do in the future.
Three lobe piercings and industrial piercing


Lobe piercings are common and easy to perform due to a shorter pain and healing time than other earrings ear and body piercings as belly button ring or tongue piercings. You can choose to highlight one earring among the three (like gold hoop earring), choose three similar or different size earrings set. Don't forget that ten other possibilities of ear piercings are possible and that their assembly to the ear piercings can give beautiful results. Provided of course that you respect the rules of matching your jewelry to your skin, your outfit and the other jewelry itself!

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