Maison Van Cleef & Arpels, 10 Jewelry inspired by noah's ark

Maison Van Cleef & Arpels, 10 Jewelry inspired by noah's ark

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The Maison Van Cleef & Arpels is known worldwide for its exceptional work on jewelry and precious stones. We have previously written an article listing the most beautiful pieces created from the inspiration of the world of dance.

From now on, it is the one of Noah's ark and the mythical animals that are mounted there. Between realism and enchantment, this universe recreated from scratch is a true demonstration of know-how from the legendary Maison!

1 | Swans in motion

These two swans are circling each other and making the diamonds on their coats sparkle. One is playing with a gemstone held in his beak while the second holds one under his wings. These are two unique pieces of Fine Jewelry that are coveted by all lovers of high-quality jewelry.

2 | The giraffes accomplices

Standing side by side, these two giraffes inspire class and elegance. Their rose gold based skin is covered with different gems: diamonds for one and sapphire for the other. These jewelry pieces are inspired by the savannah and could be part of an African jewelry collection whose colors are often very bright. 


3 | The penguin couple

This pair of penguins are huddled together as if they were on the ice floe. They are nestled in an egg-shaped nest of opal and orange sapphire. They represent parental love in a stunning combination of exceptional gemstones.


4 | The fairy cats

As if out of a fairy tale, these two cats seem to rest on a cloud of pearl. Their orange bodies and ears contrast with the diamond-trimmed eyes and neck. These two high jewelry brooches are perfect for two lovers who want a matching piece of jewelry.


5 | The winged horse

The mythological universe is reinforced by the presence of this winged horse with an elegant look. It is made of diamonds and different types of rubies. It is an exceptional piece of jewelry that is perfect for lovers of rare jewelry made by hand with passion.

6 | The moth

This moth seems to float in the night. The different gemstones that make up its wings could merge with the stars. It is a jewel meticulously worked by an expert gemologist of the Maison Van Cleef & Arpels.

7 | The legendary peacock

Perched on this large sapphire, these two peacocks embody refinement. Their large tails contain many precious stones. They are real little treasures that must be carefully preserved so as not to be damaged.

8 | The majestic unicorn

What could be more representative of mythology than the unicorn? Fast and graceful, this animal fascinates young and old. Its back decorated with sapphire merges with the cloudy sky in which it floats.

9 | The playing monkeys

The mischievousness of monkeys comes out through this exceptional jewelry for women. Diamonds and opals come together to form this brooch composed of two monkeys that interact with each other.

10 | The foxes in love

These two little foxes are embracing each other around an exceptional round gemstone. This brooch represents love, union and peace between us all. The house of Van Cleef & Arpels manages to convey real emotions through these jewels.

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