What to do if your belly button piercing bar is too short?

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Surface piercings are body jewelry that require the intervention of professional piercers to be placed. They place healing jewelry that must be kept on during the healing time. For belly button piercings, this jewelry can be too short and lead to infections.

What do you do if your belly button piercing bar is too short? Why short belly bars is an important problem? How to treat a belly button piercing if infected? We will answer all these questions in this article!

What to do if your belly button piercing bar is too short?

Contact your studio piercing to change your short belly button piercing

If you realize that your belly button piercing is too short, it is essential to contact the professional piercer of the piercing studio that performed your piercing. Normally, he is supposed to put a healing piercing that is adapted to your morphology. Explain your problem to him and insist on a quick appointment to have your short bar changed.

Be careful the low grade implant is his fault, you can question his professionalism and contact another piercing studio. Body jewelry is a sensitive procedure that requires the respect of hygiene and health standards. Whatever you do, choose the one that allows you to change your belly button piercing as soon as possible.

Change yourself your short belly button piercing

Changing your button ring yourself is a last resort if all the professional piercers are busy and no one can accommodate you. Indeed, you cannot wait several days with a belly button piercing too short. It is essential to remove it. Even if you have a longer belly button piercing, we do not recommend placing the jewelry yourself. This piercing procedure requires prior disinfection and the expertise of a professional piercer to ensure that no damage occurs afterwards.

If you are able to get an appointment with a piercing studio quickly, they may be able to intervene before your pierced hole closes. If not, you will have to start the piercing procedure from the beginning. However, keep in mind that it is essential and that your health is more important than the loss of time caused. Indeed, choosing to keep a too short belly button piercing bar could cause major problems.

Why is too short belly button piercing bar a key issue?

Issue #1 : Delay healing process!

We remind you that the healing period of a belly button piercing varies from 3 to 6 months in most cases and can go up to 1 year sometimes. In the best case, if you keep a too short belly button piercing bar, you will delay this period of time by a few months.

Issue #2: Lead to piercing rejection!

But many less favorable scenarios will end the healing period with a rejection of the belly button ring. Your skin will view navel bars as a foreign object and react accordingly. Swelling, irritation and pain may increase as the days go by.

Issue #3: Causing an infection!

In the worst case, these symptoms will lead to an infection of the area around the piercing hole. The latter is painful but it could be worst if it was a tongue piercing. However, it needs to be treated properly in order not to get worse.

Surprised by your short navel ring, you might wonder if your piercing hole has any other nasty surprises in store for you. Do you want to be free of problems with button rings? We've prepared a guide to the 5 criteria that will help you make sure your belly button ring is expertly chosen and placed!

5 features that define the quality of a healing belly button piercing

Feature #1 : Piercing size!

You understood it by reading this article, the size of the piercing is important for all the body piercing. Regarding the clothes, you are supposed to know your size. But reassure you, it is not the case neither for the facial piercings nor for the belly button piercings. The professional piercer takes care of choosing the navel bars that correspond to your morphology. There is no absolute right size, everything depends on the person. Dangle belly will require longer belly bars than a thin belly.

Feature #2: Piercing structure!

The structure is also important for a healing navel ring. Indeed, not all belly rings are accepted during healing times. You must respect certain criteria. Jewelry that hangs down or is too heavy is strictly forbidden at the risk of delaying the healing time or making the piercing rejected.

Feature #3 : Piercing composition!

The composition is the most well-known criterion among jewelry lovers. Even if you have done a classic ear piercing, you must have worn for a few months a piece of jewelry that meets the minimum standard APP materials:

  • Platinium or titanium belly piercing.
  • At least 14k gold belly piercing. (white gold and yellow gold accepted).
  • Nickel and cadmium free 316 l surgical steel belly piercing which is stainless.
  • PTFE, Tygon, or other medically accepted plastic polymers.

Titanium belly rings and 316 l surgical steel belly rings are best for navel pierced. However, oxidizable sterling silver is not recommended for all surface piercings, including ear piercings.

Feature #4 : Professional piercer!

The piercer must combine expertise and respect of hygiene and health standards to make navel pierced. This is why we strongly advise against piercing yourself or even changing your body jewelry during healing times. The consequences can be even more serious than wearing navel short bars or oxidizable silver belly rings.

Feature #5 : Clean piercing!

Wearing a high quality navel ring made in white gold or yellow gold is not enough. You have to make sure that it stays clean every day. To do this, you need to clean it during the healing process. Once finished, be sure to store it in vintage jewelry box to avoid losing it at the same time.

Note that these criteria are valid for all body piercings: from tongue piercings to other facial piercings like ear piercing!


If your belly button piercing bar is too short, we advise you to have it removed by your piercing studio or to remove it yourself if it is not available. Be careful not to delay as bad implant grade piercings can damage your body as well as lead to piercings rejection. To avoid these problems, make sure that your belly rings are adapted to your morphology, that they don't hang down and that their composition respects the hygiene standards.

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