Why did Perry Mason wear a pinky ring ?

Why did Perry Mason wear a pinky ring ?

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In the 20th century, the Perry Mason novels written by Erle Stanley Gardner were adapted into movies to become the leading detective series we know. Della Street, Paul Drake, Lieutenant Arthur Tragg, … all these characters animated the discussions of the Perry Mason films fans. But who is the real Perry Mason? Why did Perry Mason wear a pinky ring? What does this say about his personality? Let’s discover all answers in this article!

Perry Mason diffusion

Perry Mason books

Erle Stanley Gardner is the American novelist behind the Perry Mason story. His background as a lawyer has allowed him to write many crime novels. On the tightrope is the first episode of the series of Perry Mason which begins in 1933. It will continue many years and counts from now on 82 novels and 3 collections of short stories. Mason episodes have impacted classic television and redefined the boundaries between action film and crime show.

Perry Mason films

The series is adapted to the cinema via 271 episodes of a small hour each. Each episode was produced in black and white between 1957 and 1966. The sequel was made 15 years later with Raymond Burr as the lead actor. Ray Collins, William Hopper, William Talman ans obviously Barbara Hale also participated to the Mason Episodes. Today, the series is back in the news with a new version released in 2020 with Matthew Rhys as the lead actor.

Perry Mason resume

In Los Angeles, in 1932, Perry Mason, a private detective, inherited an investigation from his mentor, E.B. Jonathan. A one-year-old child, Charlie Dodson, has just been kidnapped. The kidnappers demand a ransom of 100.000 dollars from the parents. But the couple is not supposed to have this money. Perry Mason and his sidekick, Pete Strickland, are puzzled. Why ask for a sum that the victims could not pay?

Throughout the Mason film, you will discover the adventures of the two protagonists in the Hamilton Burger, Brent building, Perry's office or among the blue collar. Did Perry Mason ever solve the riddle? Did Perry Mason ever kiss Della Street? Why did Perry Mason wear a pinky ring? In this article, we will only answer the last question to let the spectators who have not seen the film to do so as soon as possible!

The Perry Mason's ring

Why did men wear a ring?

Prior to modern times, men did not wear necklace, earring, bracelet or ring as a decoration. Signet ring was a piece of jewelry with a real functional value. It allowed wealthy people to show their belonging to a family or a clan. Also, it served as a signature. It allowed men to certify the authenticity of a document by sealing a mark in wax. This signet ring was an important trust’s token. It was systematically worn on the little finger. Why was this done?

Why did men wear a pinky ring?

There are several possible answers depending on the era.

In the Middle Ages, the pinky ring was used in a purely functional way. Indeed, the pinky finger was the less used of all hand. Therefore, the jewelry is less likely to be damaged. Moreover, its presence outside the palm of the hand limits the risk of burns with hot wax. You will note that this tradition is still used today by some noble families. Sometimes, British royal families wear their wedding rings around their little finger. 

In the Victorian era, the pinky ring was used for symbolic purposes. It indicated that the man or woman wearing it was not interested in marriage. It was a way to express one's opinions. You will note that this tradition is reversed today by some noble families. Sometimes, British royal families wear their wedding rings around their little finger. 

In modern times, the pinky ring was taken up by homosexuals. It was sometimes pink in color. It was intended to indicate to the world their sexual orientation. Dans le monde du spectacle, certains artistes hétérosexuels l’utilisaient pour signaler leur connexité. Enfin, il était aussi utilisé par les gangsters pour payer leur funérailles en cas d’accident de travail. Un même signe pour plusieurs significations différentes.

Why did Perry Mason wear a pinky ring?

Of the many possibilities mentioned, which one justifies Perry Mason's use of a pinky ring?

Perry Mason is not a nobleman and he does not sign a document with wax. The first two explanations are therefore discarded. On the other hand, you will note that Raymond Burr, the actor playing Perry Mason, is gay. It seems is a sign sent to the classic television to release the sexual movement to the audience and Hollywood. Perry Mason wears pinky ring to claim the freedom of homosexuals via the cinema. It is a subtle and courageous act when one knows that it could have destroyed his actor’s career at the time of the Mason series.

It is ironic to note that Perry Mason, defender of the law, wears a pinky ring like ... gangsters. Coincidence or clues on the possibilities of evolution during the second Mason series? Who is the real Perry Mason? To each one to make his own opinion...

Why is the Perry Mason's ring so shiny?

Some have noticed the quality of the ring that Perry Mason wears. It seems that this ring is very important to him and that he takes special care of it. If you own a ring yourself, you know that you needs to take care of it to keep its shiny aspect. It is essential to store it in modern jewelry box and to clean it regularly with appropriate products. If not, your ring may tarnish over time!

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  • Raymond Perry

    Perry Mason stood for justice. Wearing the pinky ring is consistent with his role as crusader for justice.

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