10 building-inspired architectural rings by Maison Tournaire

10 building-inspired architectural rings by Maison Tournaire

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In the previous article, we presented 10 rings inspired by powerful cities. They are all made by the Maison Tournaire based in Lyon, France. You can find them by clicking here.

In this article, we have selected 10 other rings from the House that refer to a particular building. Between Notre-Dame-de-Paris, the Taj Mahal or the Tower of Pisa, it is little to say that you are not at the end of your surprises.

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1 | Square city architecture ring in small size

Tournaire's Square City Architecture Ring represents a city surrounded by a dominant building. The roof of the latter is made of 18 karat pink gold in one of the two versions of the ring. It’s one of the first rings created by the Tournaire master jeweler and since then it has become a Maison’s signature piece. It’is very elegant and can be worn with all hands for all occasions. The white gold version is priced at $2911.04 (2390€) while the yellow and pink gold version is priced at $2789.24 (2290€).


2 | Chalet Architecture Ring made of gold

The Architecture Chalet Ring (Medium size) is a complex jeweler's jewelry. It includes many details that are very interesting to look at closely. You will notice the grooves of the boards that make up the chalet. It is a unisex ring that is suitable for both men and women. You can choose to give it to your partner for $3459.15 (2840€) in its yellow and pink gold version or $3641.85 (2990€) in its white gold version.

3 | Chinese Pagoda Architecture Ring

The Chinese Pagoda Architecture ring is inspired by the Asian culture characterized by its pagodas. It is distinguished by its elegance and the originality it will bring to your outfit. You can choose to add it to your jewelry collection for the price of $2789.24 in its white gold version or $2667.44 in its yellow and pink gold version. In this case, pink gold is on the roof of this unique building.

4 | Fortified Village Architecture Ring with Diamond

This Village fortified architecture ring is inspired by medieval villages. It features an extra white GVS diamond in the center of the ring to embellish this artisanal treasure. It is an exceptional piece of jewelry that contains several variations available on the house's website. It is offered in white gold at $2850.14 (2340€) or in yellow and pink gold at $2728.34 (2240€).

5 | Fortified Architecture Ring with Citrine

In the same idea as the previous ring, the Architecture Fortified Village architecture ring represents a city from another time. This version is differentiated by the presence of a large citrine of about 1.70 carat in the center of the jewel. It is an original creation to offer or to please for the unique price of $2911.04 (2390€).

6 | Gold Archipolis Architecture Ring

The pink Archipolis Architecture ring in gold is a purely symbolic ring. It contains geometrical figures that have a very precise meaning for its jewellery designer Philippe Tournaire. The square represents the past, the triangle the present and the round the future. It is a ring which it is judicious to offer for an important birthday because it represents three stages of the life. These are magnified with pink sapphires and its diamonds according to the versions. By the way, did you know that this ring was worn by Cheryl Cole in her clip "Parachute"? This may be the reason why its price remains confidential!


7 | Silver Architecture Ring of Tower of Pisa

The Architecture Ring Tower of Pisa represents the most famous leaning tower in the world. Located in Italy, it is the symbol of the Tuscan city of Pisa. It is addressed to all lovers of Italian culture and original rings. You will be surprised by its inclination once you wear it! This silver ring is offered at the price of $2314 (1900€).

8 | Golden Architecture Ring of Notre Dame de Paris

The Architecture Ring Notre Dame de Paris is inspired by the famous French with the same name. Since it partially burned down, artists from all over the world have rushed to reproduce it so that it will never disappear again. Its architectural style is characteristic of the French Gothic style that dominated during its construction period (12th century). The body of the ring is made of yellow gold while the roof, in the shape of a cross, is made of pink gold. You can add it to your jewelry collection for the price of $4311.76 (3540€).


9 | Dubaï Architecture Ring made of gold

The Dubai Architecture Ring (small size) is also inspired by the city of Dubai. More precisely, it reproduces, in miniature, the architecture of the great palaces of the Arab world. Luxury hotels in the country also often have this structure. A green Tsavorite is positioned in the center of this small treasure to sublimate it. Four diamonds decorate the external towers. It is available at a price of $4263.03 (3500€).

10 | Golden Architecture Ring of Taj Mahal

This Golden Architecture Ring represents the famous Taj Mahal. Few people know it but this term means "the palace of the crown". It is an internationally known palace that is considered an architectural work of art. It is one of the ambassadors of Indo-Islamic culture worldwide. Philippe Tournaire applied himself to reproduce perfectly all the details of this ring to take nothing away from its grandeur and elegance. You can choose to offer it as a gift or buy it for yourself at the price of $8708.77 (7150€).

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