10 city-inspired architectural rings by Maison Tournaire

10 city-inspired architectural rings by Maison Tournaire

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To create rings representing the greatest monuments in the world: this is the bet made by a jeweler based in Lyon (France) for two decades!

Maison Tournaire, at the origin of these creations, has specialized in unusual jewels that highlight the cultural heritage. In this article, we will present you 10 rings that you should not miss!

Maison Tournaire, jewellers inspired by architecture

Maison Tournaire was created in 1999. Their store is located between place Jacobins and place de la République, at 4 rue Childebert, less than 300 meters from place Bellecour!

Architectural rings are a tradition dating back to the 5th century. At the time, these rings were also called "ring of faith". They were found in the tombs of women of the Gallic aristocracy.

1 | Gold London Architecture Ring

The London Architecture Ring is inspired by the most famous monuments in London such as Big Ben or Tower bridge. It is composed in several color variations (yellow gold, white gold and pink gold) and contains three diamonds. It is a high quality jewel offered at the unique price of $9244.70 (7590€).


2 | Gold Venice Architecture Ring

The Venice Architecture Ring in Tournaire gold represents a typical Mediterranean villa. It is particularly inspired by the architectural style of Venice, Italy.  It is the city of lovers where different styles cohabit. The Veneto-Byzantine style with arches blends with the Romanesque style or the Renaissance style with pillars and purely decorative elements. Many details complete this jewel to make it a treasure worth $7295.88 (5990€).

3 | Gold New-York Architecture Ring

The Architecture New York Ring (Large size) by designer Philippe Tournaire is made of silver. The architecture of New York has been centralized on this exceptional piece to give all the splendor to this jewel. Its countless buildings characterize this city of international resonance. It is handmade by French craftsmen in the brand's workshops in Lyon. It is available in pink or yellow gold at $4311.76 (3540€) and in white gold at $4555.36 (3740€).

4 | Gold Paris Architecture Ring

The Paris Architecture Ring honors the France Capital. It’s the most visited city in the world (except Covid-19 period). It is also known to be, like Venice, a romantic city. It pays tribute to the French culture with many famous monuments of Paris such as Notre Dame de Paris. It is an original designer ring to offer to the woman who makes your heart vibrate. It is available for $7600.38 (6240€).

5 | The Architecture Rings of France & Italy

These rings invite you to travel. This can be in the literal sense, the discovery of new culture, or in the figurative sense, the love’s journey that unites two soul mates. The two versions below represent France and Italy, two nations whose culture is associated with love. You can distinguish the Eiffel Tower on one and the Tower of Pisa on the other. They are available in white gold for $1656.49 (1360€) and in pink or yellow gold for $1595.59 (1310€).


6 | The Architecture Rings of England & USA

These two rings represent England and the United States. They are offered at the same price as the two previous rings. On the other hand, two other completely different cultures are highlighted. Between Big Ben or the Statue of Liberty, make your choice! They are perfect for an engagement ceremony or a wedding. They are original wedding rings that make them stand out from other boring love ceremonies that have the same wedding rings for everyone!

7 | Gold Moscou Architectural Ring

The gold Moscow architecture ring is created in honor of the famous St. Basil the Blessed Cathedral of Moscow. Its nine colored domes are symbols of traditional Russian architecture. It does not go unnoticed! Thay’s why we advise you to wear it in a festive event with a more sober outfit, ideally black. It is available for $7600.38 (6240€).

8 | Gold Shanghaï Architecture Ring

The Shanghai Architecture ring in Tournaire gold is breathtaking. It represents one of the most famous megalopolis of the world: Shanghai. Its skyscrapers illustrate its immensity and its perpetual development. It is a modern ring that you will be proud to have on your finger for a gala or a prestigious ceremony. You can acquire it by paying the sum of $5895.17 (4840€).

9 | Gold Tropezian Architecture Ring

The Gold Tropezian Architecture Ring pays homage to the internationally famous seaside resort of the Côte d'Azur: Saint-Tropez. This ring highlights the port of Saint-Tropez as well as the baroque style church of Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption. This ring will seduce you with its fine details that also include part of the city's port. You can add it to your jewelry collection for $8331.19 (6840€).


10 | XL Budaï Architecture Ring made of gold

The Gold Dubaï Architecture ring is inspired by the city of Dubai. This sublime city is the most popular of the United Arab Emirates. The ring is inspired by the ancient and unique architecture that make its charm. That’s why you can recognize with monuments surmounted by domes, arched or warheaded openings. The price of this designer jewel is only available on request for a quote.

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