Antique Jewelry Box

The success of our Antique Jewelry Box Collection is due to the mix between ancestral know-how & new fashions in full swing !


> You may ask what is the difference between vintage and antique jewelry ?

Antique style gives birth to vintage style

The emergence of the antique style

In the 1970s, the modern style became the style of reference in the Western world. At the same time, antique objects develop but are not very popular. They are mainly available at flea markets or garage sales at prices lower than their real value.

With time, they are gaining notoriety and the old fashioned sector is developing, mainly thanks to digital. Sites such as allow to put collectors in touch with rare antique objects’ hobbyists.

The vintage style nowaday

Today, the olden style has established itself as an industry in its own right. There is an important demand for lovers of traditional know-how. This is the reason why the vintage style is developing. It's the ideal complement to the olden style. Vintage products are not physically old but their soul is. Often made after the 2000s, they are designed by craftsmen who reuse the old manufacturing methods. Wood is one of their preferred raws materials.

> You may ask what characterizes the antique jewelry box ?

The antique wooden jewelry box: putting the craftsmen’s work in the spotlight

Wood, an ancient material

Since prehistoric times, wood has been transformed by man for different purposes. He develops his know-how and passes it on from generation to generation. Depending on the culture, it was lacquered, carved, embellished by other materials or simply left in its raw state.

Linked to the tree and the nature’s symbolism, it’s material that has had an important place in some religions. Today, it’s used in crafts to build all kinds of objects. It meets lot of success when it is used to embellish precious objects. This is the case of watches or jewelry that it knows how to sublimate.


Luxury at the service of craftsmanship

Our collection of wooden jewelry boxes is based on the applied work of craftsmen who are passionate about the ageless raw material as wood. Sometimes it’s question of restoring an antique jewelry wooden box that time has affected. Otherwise, their work consists in creating a vintage wooden jewelry box from scratch using historic know-how. In both cases, their patience and experience is reflected in the excellence of the products that make up our luxurious collection, which meets demanding manufacturing criteria.

The goal remains to create an object that combines functionality and aesthetics to showcase your precious jewelry. Some will be designed only for rings while other jewelry boxes will be exclusive to necklaces for example. The objective is to create jewelry box for women who wish to store their jewels in jewelry organizer that suits them.


Antique Wooden Jewelry Box or Wooden Treasure Chest : what choice to make ?

Choosing Antique Wooden Jewelry Boxes for their numerous compartments

Our Antique Wooden Jewelry Boxes have up to 20 different compartments to store your jewelry in different categories. They have been designed to organize the storage of rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets according to their specificities.

Some attributes have been added to make our beautiful old wooden jewelry box the most practical for everyday use. Reinforced closure, mirror on the lid or side handle are some examples. Their aesthetics have also been worked on so that they can be easily integrated into your decoration. It’s possible to find old school engraving or retro paint applied with care to accentuate this dated universe you are looking for.


Choosing Wooden Treasure Chest for their unique compartment

Conversely, our Wooden Treasure Chest has only one compartment. This compartment can be huge like our vintage large wooden treasure chest or mini as our small wooden treasure chest box. It's up to you to decide if you want to store few pieces of jewelry or organize the storage of several jewelry boxes.

You can also organize the storage of your cosmetic box, travel toilet box and other body accessories. Some people also appreciate to use our treasure chest of wood to decorate their interior with the children wooden treasure chest pack for example. Its lid, most often rounded, will bring real added value to your interior.