Asian Jewelry Box

Are you looking for oriental jewelry box for sale ? You are in the right spot !       

Let's discover our collection of jewelry boxes inspired by the culture of chopsticks, shoji screen, porcelain, incense burners, dragon and manga !


What are the specificities of oriental furtinure jewelry boxes made of wood ?

Jewelry box oriental made of rattan and bamboo

Asian artisans use local materials to design exceptional jewelry chest box. Bamboo, originally imported from Taiwan, is a typical wood from the eastern continent.

It is highly appreciated for its pieces that can be disassembled, assembled or used separately. It is often found associated with rattan, which can embellish the final aesthetic of asian jewelry chest boxes.

Other woods, appreciated for their hardness, have been used according to the times : sandalwood, pine tree.

Lacquered jewelry box made in asia

Lacquered wooden jewelry boxes were designed for palaces, temples, and houses of power. Lacquer brings out the colors of the wood used and protects its outer layer. The aristocracy were tearing off these jewelry cases that offered 1000 shiny reflections to their jewels.

There are many possible finishes to obtain rare jewelry box. Lacquer boxes will not be the same if you red lacquer or black lacquer.  

Oriental jewelry box with mother of pearl

The lacquer can be engraved or used to fill an engraved design. It can then be polished or painted. Some wear inlays of gemstones, mother-of-pearl or even email for an even more exceptional finish. This is the case of our japanese wood lacquer jewelry box, entirely handmade, which required several days of work by two different craftsmen.

Asian luxury jewelry box

The Asian culture is known for the refinement of its crafts all over the world. Lacquered wood, pearl jewelry box, box inlaid of gemstones or wood box covered with gold leaf are all specificities that define its unique identity. In the same way, the jewelry industry is very developed with exceptional products such as que mother of pearl jewelry or wooden jewelry hand crafted.

Why buying asian jewelry box ?

Oriental jewelry box to store antique jewelry or memories

Jewelry cabinet made in asian style are perfect for asian jewelry storage. Box with hinged lid are effective to secure vintage jewelry. You can also use it as keepsake box to organize little treasure from holidays or pleasant moment that you don't want to forget!

Oriental furniture box to create oriental decor

Wooden box with inlaid mother of pearl is often hand crafted, hand painting or even hand carved. It's unique decor box for home decoration. Oriental jewelry box with bird and flower are especially appreciated by asian style's lovers. 

Oriental jewelry chest for unique gift ideas

If you want to please someone you love, you can offer him/her gift boxes as well as music boxes for little girl. Jewelry cabinet will be appreciated for its various function. Treasure chest box with one big compartment is also useful to store jewelry box as well as beauty accessories such as perfume or cosmetics.

What are the differences between jewelry boxes made in China and in Japan?

Chinese Jewelry Box

Each Chinese dynasty has inspired a particular culture and craft. Jewelry boxes are no exception. Our Chinese jewelry box collection contains many jewelry boxes made of cherry wood. This unique red wood is a perfect match for the oriental style we wanted to showcase.

Our Chinese wooden jewelry box is an example, among others, of boxes with Chinese writing on its inner surface. This adds a mysterious aspect for our customers who cannot read Mandarin. Perhaps you will be curious to decipher these signs, which are far from being meaningless.

Japanese Jewelry Box

Japan, which shares some of its history with China, differs from its neighbor on a few points. Japanese craftsmen are particularly fond of lacquered jewelry boxes which are decorated with a drawing. The latter can illustrate a landscape, an animal or a scene of life. The best example is surely our wooden jewelry box made in japan.

Our Japanese wooden jewelry box collection retraces the ancestral rhythm of life on the most powerful island of the Asian continent. Its culture fascinates tourists from all over the world. Japanese women have unique jewelry collections that they give to their kimono when they wear it.