Engraved wooden jewelry box
Engraved wooden jewelry box
Engraved wooden jewelry box
Engraved wooden jewelry box
Engraved wooden jewelry box
Engraved wooden jewelry box
Engraved wooden jewelry box
Engraved wooden jewelry box
Engraved wooden jewelry box
Engraved wooden jewelry box

Engraved wooden jewelry box

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  • Engraved wooden jewelry box made by craftmen

    Engraved wooden jewelry box with soul

    If you want to store your precious jewelry in an exceptional box, you've come to the right place. This women's engraved wooden jewelry box is handmade in red wood. Its aestheticism has been carefully worked. Its exterior surface is carved and lacquered for a unique look. It highlights the original wood to embellish your decoration. It is reminiscent of the Asian style which inspired the craftman who did it. This wooden storage is also very functional. Its side handle allows you to move it easily despite its size. 

    Engraved wooden jewelry box to store large jewelry collection

    This large engraved wooden jewelry box has large storage capacity. It is perfect for women who have large jewelry collection that they want to organize by product type or material. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendant, earrings, amulet, ... everything can be stored in our big size jewelry organizer. Maybe you already have your own jewelry box and you want to personalize it by engraving its surface. To do so, we have summarized the steps you need to follow in order to get a similar result as our craftmen on our jewelry boxes. Take a look at the guide below!

    Techniques to make woodcut

    1. Materials required

    • Fine charcoal (diameter : 2 - 3 mm).
    • Canson Barbizon.
    • Any fixative.
    • Wooden jewelry box.
    • gouges (U-shaped gouges are easier to use).
    • a rubber ink roller.
    • inks for linocuts.
    • Plexiglass plate.
    • a spatula, a proofing press or a small spoon, or a Japanese baren (flat pad covered with bamboo leaves for hand printing) 

    2. Sketch creation

    Make charcoal sketch on paper that is the same size as the wooden surface you want to personalize your jewelry box. Make a black and white sketch, with flat tints and various graphics (hatchings, dots, squares, arabesques, patterns, etc.) while taking care to balance the blacks and whites.

    Tip: If you want to engrave several parts of your wooden jewellery box, you must make different sketches in sizes adapted to the surfaces concerned. Note that xylogravure allows you to work on light and shadow. Take advantage of it! Don't hesitate to try, erase and start again, to get a fully satisfactory sketch.

    3. Sketch transfer of the wooden jewelry box

    Once you have completed your sketch, place it face down on the surface of your wooden jewelry box. Lift the sheet and you will see your design appear on the wood. Feel free to redraw and improve your drawing with charcoal, directly on the wood. Once this step is finished, fix it with a glue spray.

    4. Engrave the wooden jewelry box

    The medium choice allows to engrave in all directions, as in linocut. On plywood, the engraving is done in the direction of the fiber. You can start by practicing your gouges on a test board. Depending on the pressure of the hand (frank, hesitant, trembling...) and the way you hold the gouges, you will obtain various sizes. It is a question of digging around the drawing that you wish to obtain. You carve the wood around the charcoal lines. Hold the pommel of the gouge in the palm of your hand, and hold the plate with your other hand. The digging gesture is done in the extension of the shoulder. It is your jewelry box that turns. It is not necessary to carve very deep, hold the gouge so that the blade forms a small angle with the surface of the jewelry storage.

    Tip: Be careful to respect your design, in order to keep the gesture of your lines.

    5. Inking on the wooden jewelry box

    Once the jewelry box is fully engraved, you can choose to add color. To do so, scrub it with a brush to remove dust. On the plexiglass plate, place a dab of ink and spread it with a spatula to form a "reserve" the width of the ink roller. The spatula is also used to mix the colors. With the roller, take a little ink from the reserve. Then, on a clean area of the Plexiglas, spread the ink so that it spreads out in a thin, even film on the roller. Carefully ink your wood plate in all directions and evenly. No roller marks should be visible.

    Tip: Be careful not to overload your roller with ink as you will block the recesses of your engraving.

    • Dimension L | 11,81 x 7,87 x 9,25 in / 30 x 20 x 23,5 cm
    • Material | Lacquered and carved rosewood, metal
    • Style | Asian, luxury
    • Type | Jewelry box
    • Color | Red
    • Special feature | Flap opening with lock, 4 layers, 3 drawers, 2 layers, 2 doors, handle and one mirror
    • Reference | AJBL016

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    Engraved wooden jewelry box