Wooden Jewelry Box

How to choose the right jewelry box?

Details to pay attention to

What should you consider when buying a jewelry box to store your most precious diamonds, stones, and other gold jewelry?

First of all, it depends on your favorite type of jewelry. Rings are best displayed when slots are built into the box. Bracelets are best displayed when drawers are available. About necklaces and ornaments, it will look great in a vertically designed cabinet. Pearl necklaces, on the other hand, are usually connected by fragile threads, so it is advisable to leave them flat. Appropriate compartments for each type of jewelry will also prevent them from becoming tangled.

A conservation of your jewels in full safety

When you buy a jewelry box to store your jewelry to preserve it as well as possible, make sure that the inside is comfortable and soft and free of any bumps that could damage your jewelry. Ideally, look for a box with different compartments to keep gold, silver, and other precious metal pieces well separated.

This is important because softer materials can be damaged by contact with harder materials. And beware; diamonds may be the hardest stone there is, but one diamond can quickly scratch another! Finally, make sure your jewelry box keeps your pearls and gemstones dry and warm.


The accessories that make the quality of a jewelry box

Mirror jewelry box

Jewelry boxes can be equipped with mirrors on the inside surface of the lid. The large jewelry boxes have a mirror adapted to their size which allows coquette women to get ready before going out. Pocket jewelry boxes can also contain a mirror. The mirror is very useful for readjusting makeup during the day.

You will note that jewelry boxes that have a mirror also serve as a makeup and cosmetic box. They become an essential piece of equipment for modern women who have many accessories to take care of their body and to enhance themselves.

Jewelry box with drawers

The drawers of the jewelry boxes are essential elements. It allow you to protect the different materials of your jewelry and to organize the storage of your jewelry collection.

Women are rigorous and hate to lose their jewelry, especially if some of it has sentimental value. That’s why they take care to choose their jewelry box according to their storage capacity.

Jewelry box with velvet

The inside of jewelry boxes will strongly influence the durability of your jewelry. Jewelry in contact with natural wood may deteriorate over the years. That’s why we pay particular attention to offer a soft and refined interior lining.

Velvet is one of the best options. It is a very delicate fabric to the touch and has a luxurious look that many women appreciate. Its color is chosen according to the wood of the jewelry box. In this way, functionality meets aesthetics to the delight of our customers.