Contemporary Jewelry Box

Organize your jewelry collection in the jewelry storage inspired by the contemporary era!

Are you looking for modern jewelry box for sale? You will appreciate our storage collection made in innovative and futurist style! Our jewelry boxes are inspired by the culture of art nouveau, glass sky building, social network, digital world, minimalist movement and new trends. Cutting-edge jewelry box fits well with people in love with current art!


If you are wondering where to buy modern jewelry box, you might be interested in contemporary era and exceptional golden jewelry. You are concerned about the jewelry storage’s advantages and the modern organizer’s characteristics detailed below:

What are the specificities of modern jewelry box?

Mirrored jewelry box

Modern jewelry boxes with hinged lid often contain mirrors that women particularly appreciate. Jewelry box with mirror is practical to observe the harmony of your earrings or necklace with your makeup for example. Moreover, some women choose to store jewelry and accessories in the same huge jewelry organizer box. Mirrored jewelry boxes are perfect for those women who want to centralize all their beauty accessories in the same box organizer for women.

Drawers jewelry box

Owning jewelry collection means having to store multiple small treasures that are neither the same size nor the same composition. You need to carefully select the storage holder according to the number and size of the drawers it contains. Only a carefully selected drawers jewelry box will allow you to store all the girls jewelry you have.

Velvet jewelry box

Using wooden jewelry box without velvet is often a bad idea. Untreated wood or mistreatment can damage the quality of your jewelry and accessories. Nous vous recommandons fortement de choisir une jewelry holder box organizer with velvet to protect precious jewelry.

Mirrors, drawers and velvet are the most requested by our female customers. However, these are not the only features available. Handles, lock and key closure or corner reinforcements are other important attributes to consider when choosing your jewelry box organizer.

What are the advantages of modern jewelry box over another style of jewelry box?

Modern jewelry boxes’ accessibility

Modern jewelry boxes are the most common jewelry storage holder on the market. As a customer, you have more choices than any other style. This is significant if you are looking for special features such as specific color, side doors or large number of drawers to make your accessories organized.

Modern jewelry boxes’ universality

Modern organizer storage corresponds to the current era’s aesthetic codes. Its structure is minimalist and uncluttered. This simplicity our new style collection to match any type of interior decoration. You can integrate our modern jewelry storage box with both contemporary and vintage furnishings.

Modern jewelry boxes’ solidity

Solidity is an important point to consider when buying any wooden box. It will determine how long you can use the product to keep your jewelry organized. Contrary to leather jewelry box, woodworking techniques used by our craftsmen allow our modern storage organizer to be resistant to shocks, time and temperature variations. However, be careful to humidity exposition. It could damage the wood in the long run. So, prefer to use as bedroom accessories than bathroom accessories.

Modern jewelry boxes’ reparation

In case of issues with the box, it’s the easiest to repair. Indeed, the structures are more known as well as the materials used. Whether it's the company that supplied you with the product or a local woodworker, you will have no trouble finding a way to repair your wooden jewelry box.

Why buying modern jewelry box?

To create contemporary decor

Elegant jewelry box made in new style can be used as decorative box. Standing jewelry box organizer are very effective in bringing unique touch of refinement to your interior decoration. In general, the wood of the organizer storage is a big asset in decorating a room in a luxurious way.

For unique gift ideas

Box organizers for women are incredibly effective gift ideas. It’s even more original than piece of jewelry, and often, more used. It can be a gift for Christmas, Valentine's Day or for a birthday. If your loved one likes the wooden jewelry box, there is nothing to stop you from giving him or her a second one to complete their storage set. We recommend you start with small jewelry box such as an earring holder and then continue with a necklace holder or ring storage. This will allow her to store her elegant jewelry individually. Knowing that all these boxes can be integrated into a traditional jewelry organizer box

To store luxury jewelry

Drawers with velvet are an important feature to consider if you choose to store high quality jewelry. You can also choose to isolate each elegant jewelry in individual jewelry boxes. Necklace holder and ring storage are the most popular but don't neglect the earring holder which can prevent you from losing your little treasures. Notice that the latter are easier to insert in your suitcases than huge jewelry wooden box. It can be used as travel jewelry boxes as well!

Which modern jewelry box to choose according to my jewelry collection?

Storage for individual jewelry

If you have high valuable vintage jewelry, you may want to store it in individual box organizer. Watch boxes are very popular in men fashion magazine! Unique jewelry boxes need to be as famous in women’s one. Modern ring box and modern necklace box are the most popular nowadays. But modern earrings box are also appreciate when it contains precious gemstones or pearls. Modern bracelet boxes are rare but could be significant to complete your display storage collection. Notice that these small modern jewelry boxes are easier to travel with. A lot of our customers use it as travel organizer first.

Storage for jewelry collection

Women with large jewelry collection prefer jewelry cabinet with specific features. Jewelry armoire with side doors is useful for necklaces. Display storage with thin are used to store marge number of golden earrings. And layered jewelry box are the most important if your collection is varied. Notice that you can add small travel organizer in the latter box.

Storage for full beauty accessories

It’s important to notice that women do not only love jewelry. They also love lipstick, perfume, cream, … Some ladies want to organize all their beauty accessories in the same storage. To do so, you can invest in large jewelry trays or chest to include various beauty boxes : cosmetics organizer, jewelry stands, travel organizer or watch boxes, … You can make all your girls jewelry and accessories organized in the same storage!

Remember that the most important thing is to adapt the choice of your modern jewelry box to the size and composition of your personal collection of small treasures or any precious accessory !

Our advise about modern jewelry box storage

It’s not trinket box

This is not just any storage organizer that you can put any item you have lying around in. It is jewelry chest box for women that can also possibly substitute for cosmetics organizer if you choose a large size. However, we recommend that you limit it to the storage of women's beauty accessories. You could reduce the durability of your elegant jewelry box by turning it into a trinket box.

It’s keepsake box

You can consider this product as a travel jewelry box. Some customers buy typical jewelry box from the culture of every country they visit. Without going that far, you can choose as keepsake box to store memories from your travels in any drawer of your wooden jewelry box.

It’s your modern box

It’s your personal box organizer so feel free to use it as you want. You may appreciate mix your vintage jewelry and your modern one. You may integrate pearls or any gemstone you collect. You may want to buy one to make unique Christmas gift or birthday surprise. If you want to go further by making your own personalized modern jewelry box, we advise you to look at incredible woodwork done below. It could inspire you :