Wooden Ring Box

Wooden Ring Box : the jewelry case that accompanies your love ceremonies

The origin of very old tradition

It seems that already in the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, man gave ring to his bride as symbol of commitment. During Greek and Roman antiquity, unions were still symbolised by the handing over of a ring, often made of iron. In the Middle Ages and then in the Renaissance, rings became more precious; the rings were made of gold and were adorned with precious stones, solitaire diamonds, trilogies of rubies, sapphire pavings, emerald rivers …


For what occasion should I buy Ring ?

For engagement or wedding

Even today, an engagement ring is still offered as promise of an upcoming wedding. Moreover, it can happen that one gets engaged without getting married, or that one gets married without getting engaged. But in any case, request accompanied by ring as gift takes place to make this great decision official. Traditionally, the engagement ring is offered up to one year before the wedding. This allows time to organise the wedding preparations. But in the end, it all depends on your wishes and your schedule.

For Valentine's Day

February 14th is the day of the year dedicated to lovers. Valentine's Day is the best time to declare your feelings to the person you love. Whether you choose to organise a trip or prepare a cocooning evening, you always have a good reason to offer a wooden box ring containing a precious ring. It is the most appropriate day of the year to offer ring that represents the love that unites you.


Why should I buy Wooden Ring Box?

To protect and store the ring

Originally, ring box was designed to store ring without the risk of damage. It is often a strong symbol for your couple. It is therefore essential that it lasts for many years. This is why the inside of the jewellery boxes offered are covered with velvet or a soft material that hugs the shape of the ring.

It is also an essential accessory to store your ring when the event is over so that you don't lose it. Often small in size, you can easily integrate your ring box into a larger jewellery box or place it in your bedside table.


To be original

Today, your wooden jewelry box shop offers many choices of ring boxes with original shapes. They are all designed in wood by a passionate craftsman so that their unique aesthetics are combined with a durability of several years. Most of them can be placed in a bag or suit jacket pocket for easy moving. In this way, you can prepare your surprise.

There are thousand possibilities to surprise your partner. You can organise trip, treasure hunt or even make your declaration at restaurant with friends. The most important thing is to do something that looks like you and that will make your partner answer "yes" to your request and take your name!


Which model of Wooden Ring Box to choose?

Choosing wooden ring box with single compartment

Wooden ring boxes with single compartment are the most common. Often with flap opening, they reveal central place for the wedding ring you wish to offer your beloved. You can opt for simple model such as the natural wood ring box or more elaborate model such as the wooden ring box with light!

Choosing wooden ring box with two compartments

The wooden ring boxes with double compartments can accommodate both men's and women's wedding rings at the same time. They are suitable for ceremony such as wedding to have view of both rings. What could be more beautiful than two rings resting together to symbolise love?

In addition, you have the possibility to choose personalised wooden ring box with your name and date of union. This allows you to obtain jewelry box unique to your couple and engrave your feelings forever! Remember to indicate this in the box provided for this purpose when you purchase!