Unfinished Jewelry Box

We offer this Unfinished Jewelry Box Collection in response to the development of do it yourself's concept. It seems to us that it is the best way to express one's creativity and the results are of a rare originality!


Who are our unfinished wooden jewelry boxes for?

For little girls

Our unfinished wooden jewellery boxes are ideal for little girls who are receiving their first jewelry. They can choose to personalise an unfinished wooden ring box as well as an unfinished bracelet box. The most important thing is that they can create jewelry case that looks like them.

In the same way that they want to add poster to personalise their room, teenage girls appreciate having first jewelry box in the colour they want. They can choose to tune the outside as well as the inside of the untreated jewellery boxes we propose.


For creative women

There is no age for creativity! Women of all generations enjoy customising their jewelry boxes and especially women who loves handmade jewelry boxes. All the more so as the trend for do-it-yourself jewelry boxes is developing very quickly.

Modern women all over the world appreciate having an imperfect jewelry organizer box that they have customised to their taste. They can thus be proud to own unique jewelry box that they can show to their buddies. Is there any greater pride than saying "I made it myself"?


How to customize unfinished jewelry box ?

By customising the wood

There are many ways to create inimitable jewelry box. One of the most common ways is to buy non-painted wooden jewelry box and paint its exterior surface in the colour of your choice. Oil paints are just as suitable as acrylic paints for making girly jewelry box.

If you are attracted by street art, don't hesitate to bring marker, felt tip pen or graffiti material with you. This will give you jewelry box inspired by urban culture that will stand out from what is currently being done.

Whichever you choose, remember to immortalise the result by applying product designed for this purpose. This will allow you to keep your exceptional personalised jewelry box for many years to come.

By the addition of material

You can choose to add materials to enrich the existing natural wood. The combination of an untreated wooden jewelry box with leather is just as interesting as with stamps or clothing patches. The interior can be covered with velvelt to add refinement to the raw jewelry boxes on offer. You can also use old products you no longer need to make rare jewelry box that you won't find anywhere else.


What to do with unfinished jewelry box ?

To store treasures

Our unfinished wooden jewelry boxes for sale can be used for many purposes. First of all, you can organise the storage of your jewelry in them. However, if they are large, you may also want to consider storing accessories, office supplies or things that are lying around on your bedside table. The advantage of our half-done jewelry boxes lies in the variety of uses they can be put to, which depends, in part, on how you choose to finish their design.


To offer

Our unprepared jewelry boxes are excellent gifts that directly involve the person receiving them. They can be offered with kit of accessories to carry out the customisation. Brushes, pencils and other customisation accessories are just few ideas from the many choices available.

Your Wooden Jewelry Box boutique specifies that it also offers an unfinished wood jewelry box wholesale service. Please contact us directly for more information.