Unfinished wooden treasure chest
Unfinished wooden treasure chest
Unfinished wooden treasure chest
Unfinished wooden treasure chest
Unfinished wooden treasure chest
Unfinished wooden treasure chest
Unfinished wooden treasure chest
Unfinished wooden treasure chest
Unfinished wooden treasure chest
Unfinished wooden treasure chest

Unfinished wooden treasure chest

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  • This is an unfinished wooden treasure chest box which fits girls who wants to personalize their jewelry collection storage ! Liberty and creativity are the key words associated to this product !

    Make the choice of an unfinished wooden treasure case with features !

    This diy chest is available in three different sizes. Each size can be nested together like a Russian doll. This makes them convenient to store when empty.

    Also, it has a flap opening with metal lock to ensure the organizer stays closed even when moving. You will notice that this chest would have been more difficult to customize if you had to add the lock yourself. That's why we chose to save you time.

    It's made entirely from the most natural of raw materials: wood. You can choose to keep it like it or continue the woodworker's work by customizing it...

    How to personalize this unfinished wooden treasure chest ?

    You can add paint, nails or even patches to this unfinished wooden treasure chest to make it as you wish. Don't forget to freeze the result so you don't have to do it again in a few months!

    You can choose to make 3 common designs for the 3 copies of this chest. This way, you can create consistency in your interior design.

    You can also choose to make 3 different designs. This may be appropriate if the chests are made by different people and they are not destined to evolve in the same room. A good example would be your daughter making it with friends during a creative afternoon.

    Which treasure fits best in this wooden storage ?

    Each unpainted box contains a single compartment. Moderately sized, it don't allow you to store anything too large.

    However, they are perfect for little girls who are starting to build their jewelry collection. They will allow you to store a few rings, bracelets and necklaces as well as beauty accessories such as lipstick, creams or perfume. All your precious items can be organized inside these storing.

    In short, consider these unfinished chests as the sanctuary of the birth of women's femininity. If you take care of it, you will appreciate it in 20 years with a certain nostalgia ...

    Indeed, you might want to replace them by a bigger jewelry box when your collection will grow up. You will find a large choice of interesting jewelry boxes on this same e-shop!

    Technical File

    • Dimension L | 6,30 x 4,72 x 4,53 in / 16 x 12 x 11,5 cm
    • Dimension M | 4,72 x 3,23 x 3,62 in / 12 x 8,2 x 9,2 cm
    • Dimension S | 3,54 x 2,28 x 2,56 in / 9 x 5,8 x 6,5 cm
    • Material | Wood
    • Style | Unfinished 
    • Type | Jewelry box
    • Color | Natural
    • Special feature | 1 layer, 1 compartment, flap opening with lock
    • Reference | UJBS020

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