Unfinished Jewelry Box

Personalized with creativity your jewelry box to organize your first jewelry collection!

Are you looking for unfinished jewelry box for sale? You will appreciate to express your creativity by personalizing our natural wooden jewelry box. Our unpainted wooden jewelry boxes are inspired by the culture of DIY concept, sustainable development, decorative box and arts crafts!


Who are our unfinished wooden jewelry boxes for?

Diy box for little girls

Our unfinished wooden jewelry boxes are ideal for little girls who are receiving their first jewelry. They can choose to personalise an unfinished wooden ring box as well as an unfinished bracelet box. The most important thing is that they can create jewelry case that looks like them. In the same way that they want to add poster to personalise their room, teenage girls appreciate having first jewelry box in the colour they want. They can choose to tune the outside as well as the inside of the untreated jewelry boxes we propose.

Diy crafts box for creative women

There is no age for creativity! Women of all generations enjoy customising their unpainted wooden jewelry boxes and especially women who loves handmade jewelry boxes. Even more nowadays that the trend for do-it-yourself jewelry boxes is developing very quickly. Modern women all over the world appreciate having an imperfect jewelry organizer box that they have customised to their taste. They can thus be proud to own unique diy crafts jewelry box that they can show to their buddies. Is there any greater pride than saying "I made it myself"?

Diy crafts box for boys?

You think we forgot about you? Not at all. There is no sex for creativity. And boys with creativity are not isolated cases these days. They will appreciate the unfinished wood boxes with locking clasp that allow them to securely store their first watch, wood jewelry or important personal effects. Personalizing your wooden keepsake box is no longer a girl's activity, far from it. Everyone wants to create a decorative wooden jewelry storage to decorate their room. But you still need to know how to decorate an unpainted wooden box! We have listed 3 methods that work below!

How to customize unfinished jewelry box ?

Method #1 : Paint the box

There are many ways to create inimitable wooden storage box. One of the most common ways is to buy unpainted box organizer and paint its exterior surface in the colour of your choice. Oil paints are just as suitable as acrylic paints for making girly jewelry box. If you are attracted by street art, don't hesitate to bring marker, felt tip pen or graffiti material with you. This will give you craft box inspired by urban culture that will stand out from what is currently being done. Whichever you choose, remember to immortalise the result by applying product designed for this purpose. This will allow you to keep your exceptional personalised wooden chest box for many years to come.

Method #2 : Engraving and staining designs

You can also choose to personalize your unfinished wood treasure chest with pirograveurs. Be careful, unlike painting, you can not go back once done! It is an action that must be done with patience and meticulousness. We advise you to first make by hand the patterns you want to engrave on your box. This will make your work easier and reduce the chances of damaging your box organizer.

Method #3 : Attaching decoupage

The final method of customizing your diy storage is to attach decoupage to it. You can choose to add materials to enrich the existing natural wood. The combination of an untreated wooden jewelry box with leather is just as interesting as with stamps or clothing patches. The interior can be covered with velvet to add refinement to the raw jewelry boxes on offer. You can also use old products, you no longer need, to make rare jewelry box that you won't find anywhere else.Don't get in the way: this is a box for crafts that you can customize as you see fit. There's no reason why you can't do it in installments.

To help you decorate your wooden storage box, we have attached a video that summarizes these three methods:


Why buying unfinished jewelry box?

Unfinished wood jewelry box to create unique home decoration

Once personalized, you can use your unfinished wood treasure chest as decorative box. It’s kind of wooden storage box you can integrate everywhere in your house. Obviously, home storage need to match with your current decoration. But don't be afraid to add a touch of madness to contrast a classic decoration!

Jewelry box made in unfinished wood for unique gift ideas

Our unprepared jewelry boxes are excellent gifts that directly involve the person receiving it. These box for crafts can be offered with accessories’ kit to carry out the customisation. Brushes, pencils and other customisation accessories are just few ideas from the many choices available. You friend will appreciate to custom unpainted wooden box if you do so too. You can share creativity and good vibes by doing it together.

Unfinished jewelry storage box to store jewelry

Of course, you can organize the storage of your jewelry in any unfinished wooden boxes. But, prefer wooden craft jewelry box with lock for this purpose. Simple wooden box with hinged lid would be used to store less precious beauty accessories. It’s useful as home storage to keep away dust from your personal objects.

Your Wooden Jewelry Box boutique specifies that it also offers an unfinished wood jewelry box wholesale service. Please contact us directly for more information.

Which unfinished jewelry box to choose according to my jewelry collection?

Diy box for individual jewelry

Unfinished wood boxes can be used to store a single piece of jewelry that you care about. Necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets can be stored separately in custom chest box.

Diy storage for jewelry collection

Drawer boxes with large storage capacity allowed women to organize all their jewelry collection. It is important to select jewelry box with number of drawers adapted to the owner's jewelry collection. Indeed, each category of jewelry has a particular shape that requires an adapted compartment. But you should also think about separating each product according to the material it is made of. Two bracelets made of gold and silver cannot be placed in the same compartment without damaging their composition in the long run.

Diy storage for full beauty accessories

Big size unfinished wood treasure chest is the best to store various beauty accessories daily used by women. The goal is not to make it a trinket box. However, it could be interested to organize perfume, cream and jewelry together. What’s better than personalized individual jewelry boxes storage whose design is consistent with that of a large treasure chest? Creating consistency between your different unfinished wooden boxes has never been easier.

Our advice about unfinished jewelry box

It’s keepsake box

As creative people, you may have object emotionally important for you. It could be gift from birthday or something you bring back from travels. Our unfinished boxes are perfect to organize all your personal accessories in one unique treasure chest. You could consider it as keepsake box whose content you can complete over time.

It’s your craft box

The natural wood jewelry organizer you will choose is yours. It means you can custom its unpainted wood to make it unique. You can make it jewelry storage as well as trinket storage. Feel free to express your full creativity to make wooden storage box you are proud of!

A wooden box to illustrate your creativity

Perhaps you are doing this customization for your own pleasure. Perhaps you have real artistic ambitions! If so, take your efforts on our wood craft box as a training and illustration