Vintage Jewelry Box

Organize your jewelry collection in the jewelry storage made in ancient traditionnal style!

Are you looking for old style jewelry box for sale ? Discover our collection below! Our vintage jewelry boxes mix traditionnal art and raw woodwork master to make your jewelry organized! Our jewelry boxes are inspired by the culture of trinket jewelry, porcelain dolls, sewing boxes, junk shop, flea market, attic universe, antique Victorian, Napoleon III’s era and antique French century in general terms ! Find your ideal jewelry box chest to store your jewelry collection !


If you are wondering where to buy vintage jewelry box, you might be interested in old fashioned style and exceptionnal gemstones. You are concerned about the jewelry organizer's advantage and the vintage storage's characteristics detailed below :

What are the specificities of vintage jewelry box wood ?

The antique jewelry box wood’s strength

Vintage jewelry box made of wood benefits from the qualities of one of the oldest raw materials in the world. Since prehistoric times, wood has been transformed by man for different purposes. They develops his know-how and passes it on from generation to generation. Depending on the culture, it was lacquered, carved, embellished by other materials or simply left in its raw state. But it has always been used for its robustness. This characteristic can be found in our antique wooden jewelry boxes for sale in our e-shop. Vintage wood also embellishes the precious objects contained by the old jewelry box chest while protecting it.

The antique wooden jewelry box’s rarity

Antique jewelry boxes made in London, UK, USA, Canada are rare: their availability depends on the know-how of the related city's woodworkers. If you are looking for an antique wooden jewelry box for sale in a city, we advise you to check the internet first. The blogs dedicated to the subject will inform you about the most recognized craftsmen according to the geolocation.

The antique wooden jewelry box with features

Old fashioned jewelry box may have features that are harder to find today: side doors, triptych mirrors or handcrafted fabrics. You may also find the owner's name engraved on the bottom of vintage jewelry storage you purchased. This will add a soul to this very special product.

What’s the difference between antique and vintage jewelry boxes ?

Some jewelry lovers try to put these two styles in confrontation. But both are linked : Antique style gives birth to vintage style !

Antique jewelry box as reference point

Antique jewelry boxes represent already used jewelry boxes that were created in the 20th century or earlier. The 1950s, 1960s, 1970s jewelry boxes are the most common. However, the rarest of it were made before the two world wars. The French 19th century is famous for Napoleon I and III reign as well as for its artisanal knowledge: hand carved wood and silver jewelry. Antique French arts and crafts developed in parallel with the English craft industry. Antique Victorian boxes became exceptional rare boxes.

These are the ones you can find at your grandparents' house between tea caddies, sewing boxes, trinket jewelry, trinket box and vintage glove box. They are all unique or almost unique because of their artisanal method of manufacture. The one made of burl wood are the most searched jewelry boxes by collectors of rare objects. These pretty boxes are appropriate to store antique jewelry and keepsake jewelry.

Vintage jewelry box : the fashion effect that lasts

Vintage jewelry boxes were created more recently. Appeared in the 90's, vintage jewelry cases are more recent jewelry boxes that reproduce the styles of different past eras. Are they less beautiful? Not at all!

Modern manufacturing methods even make it stronger. You are more likely to find this type of product in your city’s old jewelry shop and keep it for many years. It’s assimilated to the retro jewelry box’ style which is also very popular since the beginning of the 21st century. It contrasts with the folk art and art nouveau that emerged at the same time.

Why buying vintage jewelry box ?

To create antique decor

Vintage wooden jewelry box is often hand crafted, hand painting or even personalized. It’s unique antique decor box for home decoration. Collectible antique looking jewelry boxes are especially appreciated by antique style’s lovers. It’s as well a decorated box as a real decoration object.

For unique gift box ideas

Giving old style jewelry box to someone you love is always a good idea. It's a more original idea than jewelry’s piece and not less useful. On the contrary, it will allows him/her to protect jewelry by storing its collection per category. It’s also a unique keepsake jewelry box to remember a relationship you appreciate. It could by appreciate in the same way as music boxes.

To store antique jewelry or memories

Jewelry cabinet made in antique style is perfect for antique jewelry storage. Vintage wooden jewelry box with hinged lids is the most effective to keep your jewelry safe. You can also choose small vintage jewelry box organizer to store few rings and bracelets during week-end or trip. It will be your indispensable storage box in the same way as vanity box.

Which Vintage jewelry box to choose according to my jewelry collection ?

Vintage earrings box

Earrings are little treasure easy to lose if not well stored. You can keep your earring collection safe by organizing it into antique earrings box. Be careful to buy antique box jewelry with the right number of lines to insert our your earrings’ pair. We advise you to choose vintage jewelry packaging with velvet. This will protect your precious metal jewelry. They will shine longer than if they are kept on a raw material such as wood, leather, glass or even metal.

Vintage rings box

Ring is the favorite jewel of women, but not only! Wedding rings are universal symbols of love for couples. You can choose to store it together or separately. Antique ring box is popular for young people. But you may need a lot of ring boxes if you got large numbers of ring made of gold, sterling silver, and others. So, storage in an appropriate drawer of global jewelry box is also a good choice.

Vintage bracelets box

Although there are fewer ancient box bracelets, this category of jewelry should not be overlooked. The bracelets can complete jewelry collection and match ring or necklace that includes mother of pearl or gemstone as sapphire, ruby, emerald, ... Therefore, it is advisable to store it in an appropriate drawer. However, if you have a lot of bracelets, it can be interesting to invest in ancient wooden bracelet display.

Vintage necklaces box

Necklaces have been adorning women's necks for a very long time for a good reason: they embody class and refinement. Their gold or silver structure requires a quality storage so that it does not deteriorate. Antique necklace box is particularly appreciated for a gift. But in general, we find the necklaces exposed in side doors or within specialized wooden armoire box.

To store complete jewelry collection

Jewelry box vintage style specialized in storing specific category of jewelry is very useful. However, it can be limited if your jewelry collection is too large. In this case, we advise you to turn to large antique jewelry box with several drawers and compartments to keep your jewelry organized. It will allow you to concentrate your collection in a single secure box treasure.

You can then add to it an old school unic-jewelry box for an exceptional jewel in crystal, diamond or mother of pearl. If your jewelry collection is very huge, you can even choose antique trunk made in hand carved wood. It’s a real treasure box to manage antique boxes and vanity boxes together.

And why not according your hand carved wooden jewelry chest with wood jewelry or organic jewelry? A really trendy choice nowadays!

Our advise about Vintage jewelry box storage

It’s not trinket box

Wood jewelry boxes are not trinket storage. Of course, you can store cosmetics in the bigger drawers. But we advise you not to store sharp cutlery in it for example. It is not made for that. It could damage the velvet that covers the inside of each wood box.

It’s keepsake box

They are still keepsake boxes but their use is thought for jewelry keepsake, gold or silver jewelry, deco jewelry. That's why it is common to find carved wood or hand painting surface on our wood jewelry boxes. We advise you to store jewelry that symbolize important moments for you!

It’s collectible wood box

Each carved wooden box storage is pretty box to collectionate. As part of ancient art and craft tradition, you can introduce it into room for unique decoration. This vintage wood box treasure will contrast with the folk art or art nouveau style of your home. Their structure made of burl wood is particularly appreciable if you wish to keep this antique hand carved wood treasure chest jewelry for long time.

It’s universal wood box

Even if our English friends are saying “antique jewellery box”, “silver jewellery” and “wooden jewellery” : it’s the same product. Our chest jewelry box are available for all people over the world who want their jewelry organized.

If you want to restore your old jewelry box, we advise you to watch this video which is very inspiring !